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A online driving license is not a mere document that you need to carry about at all times. It is proof of identity as well. In today’s digital age, driving license is allotted in the form of a smart card. These cards have their own set of benefits over the traditional diary-like driving license.

The online driving license is loyal to provide Simple, Moral, Responsible, Open and Transparent (SMART) services to the people finished the concept of Citizens’ License. The Transport Department, as part of the application of this Citizens’ Charter, has simplified the events to get a driving Pass.

Why do you need a driver’s license?

According to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, a driving license is required to drive any vehicle on public roads.

Where can you get it?

At the online driving license and local transportation agency or vehicle inspection agency, authorized for your area of residence.

When will you get it?

After the age of 16, for riding motorcycles with an engine size of minus than 50cc with the consent of a parent/guardian. After 18 years, motorcycles with an engine capacity of more than 50 cc and cars are lighter. 20 years, for driving support.

How to get a driver’s license?

There are two ways to obtain a permanent driver’s license.

1. My position is to obtain a learner’s license.

2. online driving license

  1. Stage II to obtain a permanent license

Do you need to create a Health Certificate?

Applicants for a non-carrier license under 50 years of age do not require a Medical Certificate. However, applicants over the age of 50 must present a Medical Certificate. All applicants for a transport permit must present a Medical Certificate, regardless of age and you an search online driving license.

Driver’s License Renewal of Driver’s License

The Telangana Department of Transportation provides online slot reservation for scheduling driver’s license renewal. Visit the website to schedule an appointment to be made on Form #9 to the licensing authority having authority over the area in which the applicant initially resides or conducts business and must be accompanied by:

Appropriate Fee for Renewal as specified in Rule 32 CMV RULES

Three copies of recent passport-size photographs of the applicant, if the renewal is done on Form 6

Driving license.

The medical certificate on form 1A when valid. An request for a medical certificate (Form – IA) shall cover a statement on Form – 1

Driver’s license Driver’s license

Application for the issue of a duplicate driving license in LLD form should be made to the licensing authority where the license was obtained or last renewed.

  1. a) Suitable fee as definite in Rule 18 of APMV RULES (Rs.15/-)
  2. b) In case of duplicate certificate made in form 7 fee: Rs.40/-.
  3. c) Three copies of the applicant’s most recent passport size photograph.Address Change Driving License

Application for approval of change of address and driving license shall be made in plain paper by affixing Rs.3/- Non-Judicial Stamp Fee to the competent authority.

Three copies of the applicant’s most recent passport size photograph.

Copy of proof of residence or place of business (Should be produced for verification).

Driving license traffic sign

10 must-know Facts About Driving License

1 Must have when driving

In India, the traffic rules we follow are the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the Chief Motor Rules, 1989. These laws state that a driver must carry a valid driver’s license at all times while driving. There is no immunity to this rule and no one can deviate from it. If you want to drive – carry an Indian driving license. Time!

2 Protects personal information

Nowadays, online driving licenses are issued in the form of a smart card with a small gold chip. The company of this chip is not just a cosmetic improvement over traditional documents, it also stores the biometric information of the holder. Authorities can analyze this crack to get important information about the driver.

3 Be a tangible proof of country/identity/age

Since the process of obtaining a driving license is not easy, this document is highly respect. Driving licenses issued after thorough examination and only to qualified persons. For this reason, it can be used as an indicator of identity, country and age.

4 Indian Driving License is an all India license

Driving licenses are issued to people by the local Transport Office of the Indian state where the applicant resides. For example, a resident of Mumbai should approach the nearest RTO, i.e. within the Mumbai area. However, the license is available across the country. If one is moving to other states of India, driving license should not be change. However, in this case, vehicle registration is mandatory.

5 is valid for 20 years

Once issued, a driving license is valid for twenty years. The only other condition in which the driving license will expire is if the holder has reached the age of 50. When the driving license expires, the candidate should renew it at the RTO immediately. As driving without a valid license is an offence.

6 Driver’s License can be applied for online

Thanks to India’s digital initiative, citizens can apply online for their driving license. The applicant should collect the soft copies of the required documents and upload them on the Parivahan website. However, it is mandatory to attend RTO for appearing for online and practical exam.

7 The pass number is 12

The first test one needs to pass when applying for a driving license is the online test. Test questions are based on traffic laws and good driving habits. The minimum score vital to pass the test is 12. You need to answer at least 12 out of 20 questions suitably to pass the online driving license test.

8 Practical tests are difficult

A lot of driving practice is required to pass the practical test conducted by the RTO for getting a driving license. Here, the candidate is asked to proceed in an 8-shaped way and in an S way. We advise you to make the following changes confusion and appearance well in advance.

9 You need minimum documents if you use Aadhaar

One can create an account using Aadhar verification on the Parivahan website. Your personal details will be obtained from your verified Aadhar UID. With this, you don’t need to collect a lot of documents when applying for a driving license.

10 The code on the back indicates the vehicle type

If you’ve seen the alpha-numeric codes on the back of your driver’s license and wondered what they mean, solve the mystery! The codes indicate different types of vehicles. On the front side, you will see the same code, between the gold chips and your photo, these show the type of car you allowed to drive.


Obeying the law is the moral duty of every citizen of India and the law states that carrying a valid driving license is essential. If not, the driver will be fine for not following the rules. A person can also go to jail. The law also states that vehicles should always have adequate insurance coverage.

Review online driving license.

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