Business Intelligence Business intelligence (BI) refer to capability that enable organizations to make better decisions, take informed action, and implement more efficient business processes.

BI capabilities allow to Collect up-to-date data from your organization Present data in easy-to-understand formats. Here in this article, you can get more information about business intelligence, its description, key job responsibilities, qualifications, Benefits and more.



We are looking for highly analytical business intelligence engineers to help develop data solutions and generate insight to help us launch, run, and manage AWS regions more efficiently and effectively.

Key Job Responsibilities

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Own design, development, and maintenance of ongoing metric, report, analyses, dashboard, etc.
  • Partner with operation, business, and finance team to discover, design and implement KPIs
  • Work with team to prototype and automate solution.
  • Design and influence operational best practices for reporting and analytic to enable team to scale as we grow our team’s data analytics capability.
  • Aggregate and analyze data from multiple source and compile it into digestible and legal format

We are open to hiring candidate to work out of one of following locations:

London, GBR | Thames Valley, POST-BER, GBR


  1. 5+ year of SQL experience
  2. Experience programming to extract, transform and clean large (multi-TB) data sets
  3. Experience in scripting for automation (e.g., Python) and advanced SQL skills.
  4. To translate between data and business need experience working directly with business stakeholder.
  5. Experience with data visualization using Tableau, Quicksight, or similar tools


Experience managing, analyzing and communicating result to senior leadership. Amazon is equal opportunity employer. We believe passionately that employing diverse workforce is central to our success. So, we make hiring decision base on experience and skills. We value passion for discovering, invent, simplifying, and building.

Protecting privacy and data security is longstanding top priority for Amazon. Please consult our Privacy Notice. ( to learn more about how we collect, use, and transfer personal data of our candidate.

In Organization, Deliver Data in Timely Fashion to the Employees

In Organization, Deliver Data in Timely Fashion to the Employees

BI keeps your organization in know, and success largely depends on understanding the market’s who, what, where, when, why, and how. How prevailing are product or service with consumer? What are your competitors doing? Why are consumer choosing one brand over another? How—and when—will the market change? What are trends for future?

Business Intelligence Benefits

Business Intelligence Benefits

Data. It’s big. It’s getting bigger, and it’s growing exponentially. More and more people produce it. An increasing number of things creates data—commonly called device. It’s becoming more varied and more unstructured. About five year ago, someone said 90 percent of world’s data generated by previous two years.

Data and the ability to derive insights from that data are the most valuable resources for sustaining and growing businesses.

Using the best-in-class approach to BI can help organization gain competitive advantage by reducing time and effort require to acquire, integrate, distribute, review, and respond to new data.

BI represents every data-driven enterprise’s heart, making it epicenter of transformation. Increasing impact of organization and making it more efficient are ultimate goals of implementing new BI tool; however, with right BI technology, you can derive several additional benefits.

  1. Improve data accuracy
  2. Make better decision more quickly
  3. Improve mission-critical outcome
  4. Share data across business functional area
  5. Gain good visibility into financial and operational information.
  6. Identify and reduce inefficiency
  7. Eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse
  8. Improve productivity and worker morale
  9. Boost return investment while cutting total cost of ownership
  10. Enhance transparency and service at level

Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager

Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager

  • San Francisco, United States

The BI and Data Analytics function serves as centralized business operation responsible for analyzing, reporting, and disseminating critical business data to different groups in the organization.

The group serves as essential business partner to varying team by helping to design foundational system and processes and deliver critical insights to various stakeholders. The ideal candidate will have experience working large complex data sets, experience in the technology industry, exceptional analytical skills, and track record of developing technical solutions.

We are responsible for helping to drive decision-making and company strategy through financial data. As Finance team member, person get significant leadership experience, focus on highest-priority business issue, and understand every facet of hyper-growth eCommerce business.

They will establish and execute vision for delivering information and analytic solutions. They will be responsible for designing, implementing, and optimizing data strategy to provide stakeholder with data and analysis need to drive business forward.

This position report directly to Vice President of Finance.

What you will be doing

  • Partner with other establishments to establish single source of truth for Bolt’s foundational business and financial metrics at the smoothest level.
  • Partner with product and engineering team to understand how we consume data into our various system across multiple sources to ensure we have reporting of one core, accurate data set with standard data definitions.
  • Analyze operational and financial results and critical performance indicators/metrics recurrently and understand the driver of business growth, risk, and growth opportunities.
  • They designed, built, upheld, and improved automated reporting, dashboards, and analyses in edible format to enable finance and cross-functional partners to monitor KPIs and promote product offering and partnership success closely.
  • Partner with the Finance and Strategy team on formulating long-range planning, budgeting, monthly variance reporting, and tradeoff discussions through the effective use of data
  • Coordinate with accounting and product teams to identify and understand critical revenue data points and provide supporting documentation for billing and revenue recognition.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional stakeholder to understand their business need and formulate a roadmap of project activity that leads to measurable improvement in business performance metrics/key performance indicators (KPIs) over time.
  • Partner with other Data and Analytics groups and functional areas in defining methodology, procedures, or systems. Support the Data Infrastructure team on data architecture and system-related tradeoffs to execute business intelligence solutions.

What would set up for Success?

  1. BA/BS degree or equivalent experience in Finance, Accounting, Business Management, Data Sciences, Engineering, or similar.
  2. 6+ years experience working in business intelligence, analytics, or similar roles, expertise in payment, enterprise software, and consumer fintech.
  3. Experience in payments and consumer fintech is strong plus
  4. Proven expertise in thriving and leading successful business intelligence organizations
  5. Experience with data architecture and applying advanced analytic disciplines, methods, and techniques to large data sets.
  6. Significant previous experience in hands-on, data-focused role; familiar with Advanced SQL skills
  7. Strong analytical background business understanding expertise business and also analytical consulting.
  8. Quick study with ability to multi-task, prioritize according to business needs and perform effectively in a fast-paced and dynamic environment while meeting deadlines.
  9. Ability to think independently, translate data to actionable insights, and consider downstream impact.
  10. Broad knowledge of business process, metric, system, and organizational interrelationship.


Every organization needs BI. But to ensure that everyone in organization has access to data whenever and wherever they need it, you’ll want to choose an innovative, easy-to-use, feature-rich BI solution to stay known by getting most out of data. Data and ability to derive insights from that data, whether you’re trying to expand your business or borrowing money from legal money lender in Singapore.