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Google Home Mini Features – Assistant Functions, and More

Google Home Mini Features

Google Home Mini Features

It is an intelligent speaker that serves as a central station for the Google home mini features.

We can manage the accounts and other devices linked to it through the Google Home application that we download to our mobile or tablet.

The device consists of a 40mm speaker that emits 360º and reproduces many different sound formats apart from the most common ones, such as Vorbis, WAV (LPCM).

Also, we can find two medium-range microphones to capture our voice and connection via WiFi and Bluetooth.

What is the Google Home Mini for?

Assistant Functions

Wizard-linked functions

The question comes in two facets: on the one hand, we have the external devices with which Google Home is compatible, exceeding 10,000, including smart bulbs, speakers, cameras, televisions, or blinds. This section of home automation does not stop growing.

In conclusion

Google Can Broadcast To All Devices

How often have you needed to get everyone in the family together but couldn’t find an easy way to do it without yelling at everyone in the house?

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