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Blogging is an effective way to express yourself technology blog. It is a wonderful way to express your inexplicable thoughts. Writing can be a great career decision for many people, in addition to its psychologically diverting uses. If you are a talented writer with fantastic expression, you can earn your skills and explore them as a profession. So, if you think you have a lot of writing talent and want to pursue it as a career but you are not sure which blog to start or how to start, then Google Search for some important keywords and find the right website.

Write for Us is one of the largest places for technology blog startups to upload post-startup pieces to promote their endeavors and awareness to the general public. Writing for us is also competitive, and dependability is a primary concern. Anyone can post a guest post technique, and some websites will provide you with ideal, less expensive, and even free guest post services.

What are the benefits of submitting a guest article to Write for You Technology Dominator?

The biggest benefit of guest post writing for us is to increase awareness and accuracy of your content. This will help you grow your readership and build your reputation as a writer before creating your own site. In some ways, it founds you as a professional writer. Articles not only benefit the author but also the site owner. As a result, it can be conclude that it works both ways. Other than that, there are few other benefits.

  • It allows you to get lots of return traffic.
  • It helps to increase the domain authority of your blog.
  • You can improve the discernibility of your brand as well as its notoriety.

The beautiful part of submitting a guest post is expanding your social network and increasing your industry connections.

The term “technology” includes a wide range of topics. Everyone posts comparable content, so unless a well-known blogger accepts your work, your content may diminish into insignificance. By uploading a guest post, the audience will gain confidence in your website as they can contact their favorite bloggers.

Technology also has the advantage of secrecy. It limits your material by requiring bloggers to get permission from their followers. To sum up, if you want to access blogs, you will have to depend solely on these bloggers to assist you.

One of the most effective ways for a blogger to grow and publicize their blog is to guest blog. You can relax knowing that publishing content on this platform is far superior to just writing a blog. These factors can help you increase the visibility of your technical website as well as your interview.

Write for us Technology Dominator That Accept Guest Posts Right Now

Write for us Technology Dominator That Accept Guest Posts Right Now

  • Writing for Technology dominator can give massive exposure to your website for customers looking for Technology Blog.
  • Technology dominator presence is on social media and will share your article with the Technology Blog -related audience.
  • You can reach out to Technology Blog enthusiasts.

Snabay Networking

Snabay Networking is calling for guest post bloggers with a love for computer science, technological news, telecommunications, virtual reality, and other related topics. They have specific criteria that must be follow, and they necessitate that your content is not plagiarized.

They have some requirements, such as offering you backlinks to your site and not tolerating generic posts on theory. For improved brand recognition, you should submit your tech pieces to them.



Network Classmate

Network Classmate is looking for writers that are keen to share their blog with useful content. Because this is a renowned blog, submitting a guest post on it will undoubtedly boost your authority.

The submission rules for this blog are similar to those for other tech blogs. Make sure your piece is original, contains no affiliate links, and includes at least one image. In addition, the word count must be at least 1000 words. When you’re finished, go to their requirements page and submit your guest post to the address given.



The best thing about is that they’re not biased against any topic, niche, or person who writes for us. You are free to share your articles on is looking for interesting guest posting on technologyies, digital marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, business, SEO SEM marketing, tech news, computers, gadgets, lifestyle , guest blogging and other related topics.

Your content effectively arouses the interest of the parties concerned thanks to Write for us on Thanks to your publication, you will be able to socialize with more important people. You will be able to benefit from financial support as well as get to know people in the technological field. In fact, these contacts could be very beneficial for the success of your business.


With around 13,000 daily web traffic and 7,000 daily site visitors, TechBii is one of India’s most popular technology blogs.

Guest posting here implies your content will be seen by huge numbers of people thanks to their combined social media followers, resulting in enhanced brand recognition for you.

To be approved, your piece should be refined to the highest grade possible, much like the other high-quality blogs that welcome guest articles. At TechBii, there are a few urgent concerns that need to be address.

On their rules website, they include topics like writing and SEO, how-to articles, WordPress, and Android as highly encouraged. It’s worth noting that they don’t accept software or product recommendations. You’ll almost certainly be charged if an article recommends a product.


iTechGyan is a technology dominator that publishes articles on all aspects of technology. You don’t need to have a previous writing sample to be approved; they are open to all fantastic ideas. To avoid producing identical content, they ask you to create an article with your own voice and perspective.

They’ll accept your guest post submission even if you haven’t been featured in the article anywhere else. This is a great chance to get your article featured on a high-quality technology website.

Tech Sightings

Tech Sightings is constantly pursuing tech writers to provide their viewers with unique perspectives on technological matters.

Business technology,  big data, electronics, gaming, marketing, Android and iOS, online apps, cloud, and much more are among the themes they hope to cover.

Aside from the apparent reality that your guest posts should include photographs, the ideal word count ranges from 700 to 2,500 words. Posts can be uploaded using either Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Tech Startups

Tech Startups is a blog for tech entrepreneurs and fans who want to stay up to date on the newest tech news, inventions, and startup news. They’re searching for people who can provide them with this and other useful information.

The article must have a minimum word length of 500 words and include a copyright-free photograph. Startup good and bad stories, startups transforming the world with revolutionary technology, startup founder articles, and upcoming innovations like artificial learning and blockchain are all trendy subjects on Tech Startups right now that will give you an advantage on being approved.


Techenger is a tech blog that covers new innovation ideas, developments, and news. It accepts guest posts on a diversity of broad topics, including automobiles, health, websites, gaming, cloud, robotics, and machine intelligence. To be considered for a guest post on Techenger, your article must be preferably between 600 and 1200 words and include one featured image.

Within the content of the post, you should include a Search engine title, meta description, and keywords. Yes, you are allowed to include a maximum of two links in your guest post. Also, don’t fail to include a 2- to 3-line author biography with your article.


Chetu offers guest blogs from software design gurus and public intellectuals daily. We’re searching for articles that sparks further discussion about current IT trends or offer a fresh perspective. When applying, they urge you to provide a link to your social media presence as well as the draft.

They will react to all submissions within a week. Receive a large number of applications, and they just want the finest ones. They urge writers to peruse some of their previous posts to get a sense of where They’re looking for.


Creately is a high-authority technological website, so the articles it publishes are carefully chosen. They’re now looking for guest blogs on two topics in particular and they are visual communication and diagramming.

As a blog with over 100,000 monthly visitors, it’s a good idea to read through their previous posts to get a sense of their topics and writing style. Posts must be at least 500 words long and include at least two links. In the author’s bio, include one link to your blog and another to your social media platform.

Wonder of Tech

The Wonder of Tech is a website dedicated to regular people’s advanced technologies. Because of the high volume of guest post requests this site receives, you’ll need to pitch your guest post uniquely if you want to stand out.

Before you create a post, you must submit the article idea to see whether it has already been covered or if it is a suitable fit for the readership. Amazing devices, fantastic apps, social networking advice, useful tips, and interesting websites are just a few of the subjects that need to be addressed in Wonder of Tech.

Guest authors who have previously been featured on other websites are encouraged to submit their work to this page. Don’t forget to include links to your site or guest pieces on other blogs.

Technically Simple

Technology dominator  is a technology blog with rigorous requirements for submissions. All links are nofollow, as well as those to your personal website. A guest post must have a minimum word count of 1000 words. On websites that engage in betting, pornographic or offensive content, hate speeches, narcotics, schoolwork, or essays, outbound links are not permitted.

Guest posts must be provided in HTML format and in the form of a Word doc. There are two links permitted in the article: one in the author’s bio and one in the content. You can look into their previously published blog articles to get a sense of the types of content they accept.


CKAB is a well-known tech blog that accepts guest pieces. They are willing to accept guest authors. Computers, technology, tech skills, cellphones, software platforms, product reviews, startups, programming, social networking trends, and more are all topics that bloggers are free to write about. All guest blogs will be shared on CKAB’s different social media accounts, giving writers access to traffic.

A tech writer is permitted backlinks: one in the writer biography and one in the content of the blog article. The structure of the links isn’t mentioned, thus it’s impossible to say whether or not they’ll have a nofollow or dofollow feature. In addition, the minimum word count for each article is 600 words. To improve your chances of being accepted, you should write informative articles with images if feasible.

Calling All Geeks

Harsh Agrawal, the owner of, runs the tech website Calling All Geeks. The aim of this website is guest pieces regarding the smartphone, technology, operating systems, laptop reviews, recommendations, techniques, and accessories.

While affiliate links are not permitted in articles, guest authors can profit from their contributions through Google’s AdSense revenue sharing program. Google advertising will appear on your guest post, and you will be able to profit from them. This is yet another unusual blog that allows writers to profit from guest posts.

Ethical Ocean

Ethical Ocean is willing to publish your guest article as far as it is related to technological knowledge, everyday life, or current events. The Ethical Ocean welcomes you to submit your tech experiences, forthcoming trends, and updates in your guest post, unlike other tech sites that concentrate on guides and hacks.

This is a well-established tech blog, so you can be sure that your work will be seen by a large number of people. The minimal word count for Ethical Ocean is 1000 words. You should also use proper paragraphs and headers to organize your information. Afterwards, you can add related photographs to your post to make it more interesting. Make sure there are no typographical errors in your content.

Technology End

Technology End has established a procedure for writers to publish guest posts. You’ll have to register a member profile by going to their guidelines page. Afterwards you sign up for an account and upload a brief bio and a profile picture image to your profile. In HTML, you may also include a link to your webpage in your author profile.

After that, you can compose your article and send it to be reviewed. All articles should be at least 500 words long, include an internal link to a previously published article, and feature no affiliate links.

Boomer Tech Talk

Boomer Tech Talk is a tech blog for people born between 1946 and 1964, popularly called as the “Baby Boomer Generation.” This site is for the old, as you may have surmised. They only accept guest posts that are of relevance to baby boomers. They accept guest posts that are relevant to baby boomers and include a technological feature.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could promote your published guest post on your different social media accounts. If you’re submitting a guest post on account of a corporation, you should let them know right once. Photographs also accepted.

Tech Patio

Tech Patio is a technology blog that is now welcoming guest submissions. A post must have a minimum word count of 400 words. It’s unusual to come across a blog that enables affiliate links in guest posts. All affiliate links, however, will be set to nofollow. They allow a certain amount of dofollow links in the content of the article, but there is no limit.

A note of warning is advised when it comes to dofollow links: they should not be spammy. There is no method to submit a guest post request, even though they have a guest posting guidelines page. They prefer to be reach using their website’s contact form. Contact them via their contact form with your blog topic before you begin writing your guest post, and they’ll typically reply within 24 hours.


TrueTech is a website with a high domain authority that claims to provide a backlink to your website or media accounts. Articles featuring affiliate links prohibited, as is customary for top-rated tech blogs.

To authenticate your identification, they only need a quick introduction from you, giving your full name, your website’s URL or social media username, and your Facebook profile. They clearly prefer guest blogs that deal with technology blog. You can start writing your article immediately on their website, along with your featured image or video.

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