Smart Speakers

A digital assistant allows us to interact with speech through a voice-controlled smart speakers and control the different devices in our home, office, etc.

Smart speakers it can answer questions, set timers, calls, play music or radio, deliver news and books, teach us, control devices at home, etc. The cap is the wearer’s imagination.

1.LG WK7

LG WK7-Integrated Speaker with Artificial Intelligence and Google Assistant in Spanish (Hi-Res Sound with Meridian Technology, WiFi, Bluetooth, Chromecast Integrated) Color Black

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  • Great sound, powerful bass.
  • The right level of detail.
  • Google apps are friendly to use.


  • The bass is a bit uneven.
  • The LG app is not great.


  • The LG WK7 is LG’s primary foray into the smart speaker market and the first creation to arise as part of the new partnership with British audio specialist Meridian.
  • Here the design is unremarkable, then it looks competent sufficient, and the top has touch-sensitive panels for volume and playback.
  • However, is also a Google Assistant button and a purpose button to switch between WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Here are no other connections, no analog input, and no 3.5mm connection. Of course, an intelligent speaker like this doesn’t need one, especially when there’s a built-in Chromecast and compatible with Android Things.
  • Sounds pretty good by innovative speaker standards, primarily thanks to Hi-Res audio support.
  • Sometimes you hear too much bass, and the music doesn’t sound as musical as it does on the HomePod, but there is impressive scale, clean, clear vocals, and plenty of powerful bass from the drums.
  • The LG WK7 is significantly one of Google’s best speakers because it is heavily discounted.

2.Ultimate Ears Megablast

Eventual Ears BLAST – Integrated Alexa Speaker, GRAPHITE BLACK WiFi / BT


  • Dynamic and detailed sound.
  • It is powerful.
  • Excellent construction and design.


  • The presentation is slightly thin.
  • It is not fully presenting yet.


  • And also, the Megablast is the loudest and brightest speaker from Ultimate Ears yet. With Amazon Alexa’s built-in artificial intelligence, you can answer your questions and play your favorite songs.
  • However, most importantly, Megablast joins the brand’s portfolio of five-star Bluetooth speakers that are fun to use and listen to. Beautiful and with excellent sound, the Megablast is an absolute delight.

3.Marshall Stanmore II Voice

Marshall Stanmore II Voice 80W Black Portable Stereo Speaker – Portable Speakers (2.0ch, 80W, 50-20000Hz, 101dB, Wireless & Wired, 2.4-5GHz), EU


  • Influential audio performances with deep bass and clear highs.
  • Attractive design.
  • However, the microphones pick up the voice quickly from long distances.
  • And also, models available on Amazon and Google Assistant.


  • Unattractive rear panel.
  • Audio cables are not included for inputs.


  • Marshall’s Stanmore Voice II smart speaker enhances the already robust Stanmore II Bluetooth audio while counting your prime of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice regulator to the mix.

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