iPad Comparison

September 2021 was an excellent month for iPad Comparison, and the company saw fit to update both the entry-level iPad and iPad mini.

The latter was a particularly significant update, as the little tablet languished without any love of design for years. But while these may represent Apple’s two cheapest iPads, they are very different machines.

The differences between the iPads

iPad vs. iPad mini

  • The 9th-gen iPad and iPad mini 6 were announced alongside the iPhone 13 lineup in September 2021.
  • However, the entry-level iPad is the cheapest of the bunch, starting at just £ 319 / $ 329 for 64GB and of storage, rising to £ 579 / $ 609 for the 256GB version with mobile data.
  • £ 319 is an exceptional price for an iPad, especially with a fast and future-proof A13 chip.
  • The iPad mini 6 has received a price increase over the fifth-generation model. From £ 479 / $ 499 for 64GB and up to £ 759 / $ 799 for 256GB with a cell phone.
  • While the price increase may put some users off, it’s arguably worth it for the mini model’s significant design and feature updates (more on that below).

Design & features

  • The main change between the two devices is the design. The ninth-generation iPad features a now-familiar design, with curved edges, thick bezels, and a home button.
  • Unfortunately, the 10.2-inch display isn’t laminated, which means you’ll see some warping when you press hard with a finger or an Apple Pencil.
  • However, the 10.2-inch features a Lightning port for charging, plus something hard to come by with Apple products these days: a headphone jack.
  • Overall, it’s a solid design, if not a bit dated. Over the years, the bezels have shrunk, and the edges have flattened.
  • But this is an unapologetic iPad with rounded edges and a thick chin. And at £ 319, you really can’t go wrong.
  • Here the iPad mini is an entirely different story. First, the 8.3-inch screen is by far the smallest iPad screen out there (though it’s a jump from the previous version’s 7.9-inch).
  • Then make no mistake, this is a contemporary tablet, which has received the iPad-Air treatment.
  • That revenue an edge-to-edge laminated display, flat edges, four speakers, and USB-C for charging, which means a lot of extra adaptabilities when connecting accessories.


  • It’s over. There are a lot of differences here. With its modern design, the iPad mini is compatible with the Apple Pencil 2. Which offers tons of benefits, including magnetic charging and touch controls (here’s how to use an Apple Pencil 2).
  • So the iPad mini doesn’t have a smart connector, which means you can’t use it with any of Apple’s keyboards like the smart keyboard or magic keyboard. However, it will work well with most Bluetooth keyboards.
  • Here, the 9th-gen iPad features an intelligent connector and supports the smart keyboard, but not the magic keyboard, unfortunately, which means there are no scissor-switch keys and no touchpad.

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