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Data Analytics Write For Us

Data Analytics Write For Us

We’re looking for though leaders who are passionate about data analytics write for us, have superior articulating skills and want to share their thoughts on the following.

  • Big data, Business Analytics, and BI news, trends, and developments
  • Machine Learning, Statistics, Cloud Computing, IoT, and Blockchain market trends
  • How-tos, challenges, and best practices
  • Visualization techniques and ideas
  • Defining and understanding business metrics

How to Submit your Articles of Technology Dominator Write For Us?

To Technology Dominator Write for Us, you can email us at

Submission Guidelines

The article has to be original, unique and not been published before.

  • It has to been backed by supporting data wherever necessary.
  • Please add proper references and linkbacks.
  • The article should be more than 500 words.
  • The article should be submitted either in HTML or Word document.
  • The maximum width of the image is 891px.

About the Author Section

Authors should submit their short introduction besides other information below.

  1. Company designation
  2. Location
  3. Links to your website or blogs
  4. Social media profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

Contribute articles to Big Data Analytics News on the Big Data topics that inspire you. Speak to our global Big Data audience through our Organic, Social and Digital Channels.

The contributing articles will be related to Data visualization and the cloud. Venture capital & IPO news. Hiring trends. Training, certifications and global conferences. Social data and community engagement. Data Privacy and Security. Analytics tools and techniques. Big Data expert profiles and Q&As.

What would you like to write about?

Be Heard, Be Yourself and Write the Way You Want to Write!

Contribute articles to…

Expand Your Personal and Company Brand

Develop Your Online Reputation

Reach a Global Audience

Increase Your Google Author Rank

Broaden Your Twitter & Social Connections

Improve Your SEO Rankings

Collaborate with Big Data professionals

Craft Your Social Footprint

You can send us your post by e-mail with the following information:

Your name

Your post

A link to your website/blog (optional)

An image (optional)

Thanks in advance for contributing to the Data Analytics write for us!

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