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Apple HomePod – Design, Several Functions, and More

Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod announced the mini during its high-speed event on October 13, along with the iPhone 12.

The device is a minor version of the HomePod and has a ball-shaped design with mesh material and an LED touchpad on top.

HomePod mini release date and price

The Apple HomePod launched in early 2018 and costs significantly more than the Amazon Echo and Google Home alternatives that it competes with. The HomePod mini is much more affordable, potentially a bigger rival for devices like the Echo.

The Apple HomePod mini will cost $ 99 in the US or £ 99 in the UK and be obtainable to pre-order from November 6. The sale date will be available from November 16.


The HomePod mini is a sphere that measures about 3.3 inches tall (83mm) and covers an acoustic mesh.

HomePod mini features

  1. U1 chip for transfer
  2. Automatic stereo pairing
  3. Siri
  4. Intercom

HomePod mini has several functions:

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