A smart watch complements your image, monitors your vital health indicators, and helps you stay in touch. You’re rushing to a business meeting, holding your briefcase with important documents in one hand and a thermos cup of coffee in the other, while you are completely involved in placing online sporting bets, when your smartphone receives a message that needs to be urgently answered.

With the Apple Watch, you can set up automatic responses to messages and even sense the time with your fingertips, so you won’t be late for a meeting. Here are the many interesting features of the Apple Watch.

Take a Screenshot of the Watch Screen

First, you need to turn this feature on. In your watch’s Settings, select the “Basic” option. Next, turn on “Screenshots.”

Now check if this feature works by quickly pressing and releasing the watch lock button and the sound button at the same time. A “flash” should appear on the display when you press it. The screenshots are saved immediately in the iPhone gallery.

Set Silent Mode

So that at the most inopportune moment, such as in the theater, the watch didn’t sound a notification signal and didn’t put you in an awkward situation, smartwatches can also be put in silent mode.

Open “Control Center” on your smartwatch. Find the bell icon and click it to turn on silent mode.

Now the watch screen won’t light up when you receive a notification until you raise your wrist.

Raise Your Wrist to Talk to Siri

It’s the simplest of all the best-laid tips. You don’t need to press anything, just raise your wrist like a Chinese cat, bring the Apple Watch to your face and start talking. Siri will instantly wake up and start answering or obeying your commands.

Turn off Unwanted Notifications

On the Apple Watch, you can turn off notifications from certain messenger chats. But you should still wait for one notification first. Once you receive that notification, swipe it to the left. The notification won’t disappear like it does on smartphones, you’ll just see a window suggesting “Clear All.” You need to press the “Menu” button (three dots) and select “Turn off on Apple Watch”.

Another option: set the “Deliver silently” feature – it will turn off the sound and vibration at notifications.

You can also configure this feature through your smartphone:

  1. In the Watch app, go to “Notifications”.
  2. Scroll down to the list of all the apps on your smartphone.
  3. Select the apps you wouldn’t want to receive notifications from. But then all notifications from the selected messenger or social network will be turned off.

Forced Restart

Smartphones aren’t the only ones that crash and hang. The Apple Watch can also give you a few minutes of silence and stop responding to commands. How do you get them out of this state?

  1. Hold down the lock and mute buttons at the same time for a few seconds.
  2. The Apple Watch screen will start to go dark, but don’t be alarmed, keep holding those buttons until the Apple logo appears.
  3. Release and wait for the watch to boot up again.

Change the Bubbles to a List of Apps on the Home Screen

The Apple Watch’s home screen offers an instantly recognizable set of apps arranged as a bubble map. Some people like it, but others find it to be some kind of hellish mess.

If you’re one of the latter, we have great news for you! These bubbles can be made into a familiar list:

  1. Tap and hold on the screen to open the hidden menu.
  2. Toggle the home screen to “View List,” which displays your watch apps in alphabetical order.