Backup iPhone to Computer

iTunes is Apple’s software developed to manage the content of your devices, such as the iPhone or iPad, and allow us to make backup iPhone to computer in our tools. This application is one recommend by Apple for this.

However, iTunes is a complicated and challenging application for many users, complicating data management on iOS devices.

Luckily, there are alternatives to manage our Apple devices, and one of the most complete and easy to use is DearMob iPhone Manager.

The DearMob iPhone Manager is designed to easily manage everything related to our iOS devices, such as an iPhone.

This application is responsible for transferring all kinds of documents from our PC to the iPhone, and vice versa, at great speed, sending photos, music, videos, and practically any file very quickly.

This application will also allow us to manage practically any type of information on our devices, from security options to contacts, voice messages, ringtones, applications, SMS, etc.

iPhone to Computer

How DearMob iPhone Manager works and how we use it to transfer data with our iPhone?

  • To use this application, the first thing we must do is download it from the main website. This software does not depend on iTunes, nor is any other Apple services required to backup iPhone to Computer.
  • Once the request is downloaded, we will install it on our PC. The download is passionate, and the installation is straightforward.
  • Just a pair of clicks are enough to have it ready and working on our Computer in a few seconds.
  • Once the program is installed, we execute it. The first thing we will see will be a window like the following one.
  • Suppose we already have the Apple drivers installed (installed when iTunes is installing on the PC automatically).
  • In that case, we will see how the program already recognizes our device and shows us information such as the remaining battery or the installed iOS version.
  • As we can see, in the program’s main window, we will see all the options that this program offers us, such as the management of photos, music, videos, and other documents.
  • From this section, we can download files from the iPhone to the computer and vice versa to quickly transfer things from our PC to the Computer.
  • Also, as we can see, we have different buttons that allow us to encrypt and decrypt files, access contacts.
  • Downloaded podcasts, electronic books, voice messages, see a list with all installed apps (and install new applications), see our SMS, the calendar, the bookmarks and, of course, turn our iPhone into a USB.
  • Although we can make backup copies of all the elements manually with this program’s options.
  • If we want to do it as quickly and automatically as possible, we can use the Backup option that DearMob iPhone Manager provides.

How to make a backup of our entire iPhone on PC with DearMob iPhone Manager?

  • When selecting this tool’s backup option. We will see a new window to choose to make a new backup or restore a previous backup.
  • The process of creating a backup could not be more straightforward. We have to select if we want encryption for the data (recommended).
  • Click on the backup button. Confirm the window that indicates that the time will depend on the size of the data, and wait for it to finish. We don’t have to do anything else.
  • Once the process is finishing, we will consume the backup copy of our iPhone or iPad on our Computer.
  • When the backup is exhausting, we will see a summary message that will indicate the backup’s size.
  • This backup will already appear in the option to restore a copy. So if we have a new device or have formatted ours, we can quickly restore said copy.
  • It recommends activating the backup encryption since, otherwise. Anyone who has access to our PC could see the data and restore it without any verification on any iPhone. Be very careful with that.

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