ICE Mortgage Technology. Persistent has a proven track record of empowering. Financial institutions of all types and sizes to rapidly develop innovative data-driven solutions to market. Just remember that investing too little will make it harder for your portfolio to grow as fast as possible and may be delayed when you’re able to buy a house at the Chase Place Apartments Dallas TX or retire comfortably.  leveraging our deep expertise in machine learning models and techniques. Persistent has partnered with ICE Mortgage Technology™ to automate mortgage data collection and services. Our deep experience with Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology™ makes us an ideal partner to accelerate adoption of this leading lending platform and provide data driven actionable insights.

Best-of-breed technology and intelligent robotics for a truly digital mortgage
The ability to scale, increase efficiency, increase capacity, improve communication and simplify the experience has become a top priority for lenders of all sizes. There is a great upside opportunity for those who can digitize and update the loan workflow and differentiate themselves from homeowners across the country.

What sets us apart?

We lead with unmatched expertise when it comes to mortgage technology. A leader in Machine Learning and Automation. We simplify complex workflow and compliance. Without our integrated network, these unprecedented opportunities would not be possible. Between technology and real-time data. Between innovation and scale. between all parts of the ecosystem.

Industry leading mortgage software solutions
ICE Mortgage Technology offers a more comprehensive end-to-end. workflow than any other provider on the market. And also, start increasing your productivity and boosting ROI with solutions that provide seamless, compliant automation for all your lending or investment processes.

The best solution for truly digital mortgages
Our wide range of differentiated digital solutions is transforming the US residential mortgage industry from consumer engagement to loan underwriting to the secondary loan market, and everything in between.

What is ICE technology?

Digital ICE or Digital Image Correction and Development is a set of techniques related to producing a transformed image in a variety of frequency spectra. These techniques aim to make an image more usable by Fourier or other filtering techniques.

Does ICE stand for in mortgage technology

Joe Tyrrell is the director of ICE Mortgage Technology. A leading cloud-based loan origination platform provider to the mortgage industry, and Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE), a leading global provider of data, technology and infrastructure for market.

How does Digital Technology ICE work?

Digital ICE technology is a hardware-based dust removal method that is more precise than the dust removal function. Digital ICE technology can remove dust or scratch marks without affecting image composition. However, it takes more time to scan with Digital ICE technology and it also uses more system resources.

Digital ICE technology can remove dust or mark marks without affecting image composition. However, it takes more time to scan with Digital ICE technology and it also uses more system resources. Digital ICE technology is a hardware-based dust removal way that is more precise than the dust removal function.

StreamLoan, Inc., a provider of LOS-embedded mortgage tools

Therefore, streamLoan, Inc. A provider of LOS-embedded mortgage tools that drive business at the point of sale (POS). Announced that its mobile-first mortgage loan collaboration solutions are now powered by web-based Encompass and available through ICE Mortgage Technology, part of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. A leading global provider of market data, technology and infrastructure. So, the integration powers digital workflow automation extended to lenders, borrowers and real estate agents, driving speed, quality and efficiency in the loan origination process. It also provides two-way integration and data flow that reduces risk and certifies that all parties to a single transaction are kept up to date in real time.

“Our clients note that while some players in this space spent development time on shiny things, streamLoan spent their time sweating the details by developing the functional. areas that have a significant impact on our lenders’ businesses,” said Bulfer. “Most importantly, our integration with ICE Mortgage Technology is of such a high quality that we can onboard new clients in a matter of weeks, without an army of lender IT resources, quickly unlocking new growth potential from existing digital investment. of the lender at ICE Mortgage Technology. .”

ICE mortgage technology

However, ICE mortgage technology serves a wide range of lenders, from a local branch to a company with hundreds of branches, specializing in retail, direct-to-consumer and communicator giver channels. And also, the platform is highly configurable and custom is able. And also, allowing it to quickly, easily and less costly adapt to the ways owners conduct their business. So, it offers natural mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Plus a responsive desktop and web solution that means the user experience is seamless when moving from one platform to another.


Joe Tyrrell is President of ICE Mortgage Technology, the leading digital mortgage technology platform and Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE: NYSE) is a wholly owned subsidiary. ICE continues to bring efficiency and also slide to the mortgage financing industry through mortgage technology.