Apps for PC

Today we bring you a gathering of the best free apps for Pc. We have tried to have a stable list, with essential programs that are already veteran for inexperienced users and some of the latest must-haves for veteran users who want to explore a bit.

As always occurs in all these lists, in Engadget Basics, we know that we have possibly left out some of those you consider better than the present ones or that you think to deserve a chance and be on the list.

Adobe Photoshop Express

  • It is a basic Photoshop version specially designed to make the most of processers with touch screens.
  • It allows you to enhance your photos with just a couple of actions of your fingers, and what you see is what you see, which means that you will not find unseen options in paywalls.
  • Pardon, it will ask you to create an Adobe ID account. In reoccurrence, you have several basic editing choices and even a series of filters for diverse contexts.
  • From those alike to Instagram to others to retouch the skin in portraits or recover landscapes’ color. You can also crop and resize images.


  • If the veteran gives points, pay attention to Blender because it has been one of the best open-source applications for creating three-dimensional graphics, modeling, VFX, animation, drawing, etc. It’s completely free, and it’s accessible for Windows.
  • You have options for version, modeling, or animation. It also has video editing or filmed game formation tools, all with a customizable application to suit your needs.


  • It is one of the world’s finest known and most used free software requests.
  • This cross-platform acoustic editor and recorder are the best free replacements for editing, recording, effect creation, audio conversion work, etc.
  • Audacity can be rummage-sale on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It supports plugins to improve it, 16, 24, and 32-bit sound quality, and allows you to introduce, edit, and combine, unlike audio files.
  • You can also exportation your recordings in various formats, counting to export multiple files simultaneously.


  • For numerous, DarkTable is the closest thing to Lightroom that you can get for free and in a free software project.
  • It is an application for the photography workflow that offers RAW development, editing, and images. darktable is available for Windows, macOS and packed for multiple Linux distributions.


  • This application has been one of the largest and best alternatives for viewing Windows images for almost two decades. So, it is perfect if you think that the default tool has a lot to be desired.
  • It has been in Windows for numerous years. It is well-matched with the disappeared Windows XP to Windows 10, so you can use it even with that old computer that you still keep in a drawer.
  • Another of its rewards is that the application is used to view images. It also allows converting them by passing them from one format to another, optimizing them, scanning them, and printing them.
  • It will enable you to create slideshows, process several in groups, and more through plugins.


  • Handbrake is a free software tool that can be rummage-sale to convert video files of almost any format. You have a video in one form, and you can transfer it to any other without a problem.
  • Also, it supports a wide variety of codecs, it is cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS), it is free, and its source is open.
  • The application has several profiles to choose the one that corresponds to your device, and it can read files from any storage format. Including DVDs or Bluray that do not have protection.
  • You can, too, apply a filter to the videos, edit their chapters, add subtitles, and much more.

DaVinci Resolve

  • It is one of the best professional video editors that you can find on Windows, and it has a free version with tools for editing processes. visual effects, graphic animations, color grading. And audio post-production in a single application.
  • Of course, suppose you are a professional. In that case, you should know that its paid version costs 269 euros and that it adds to the free version a neural engine.
  • Collaboration options, stereoscopic tools, dozens of ResolveFX and FairlightFX plugins, HDR grading and graininess effects, blur, and fog.
  • However, the free one is, in itself, a good starting point for your home editions.