Adani Power Compare (NSEI: ADANIPOWER). A small cap of ₹99.12 billion, operates in the utility sector which continued to face rising costs and the complexity of maintaining legacy systems, while less traditional challenges emerge. Utilities analysts are forecasting strong double-digit growth of 12.16% over the next year and massive 30.84% growth over the next two years for the entire sector.

This rate is higher than the growth rate of the Indian stock market as a whole. In this article, I will explain the growth expectations of the energy sector and assess whether Adani Power is falling behind or ahead of its competitors in the industry. Check out our latest Adani Power analysis

What is Adani Power’s industry growth catalyst?

However, looking ahead, utilities face the threat of new entrants and disruptive technologies, growth in renewable energy generation, and aging assets, to name a few. Over the past year, the industry has seen growth in the twenties, outpacing the growth of the Indian market by 14.86%. Adani Power lags behind as its profits have more than halved over the past year, indicating the company has grown more slowly than its utility peers.

However, the future looks brighter as analysts expect an industry-beating 84.46% growth rate next year.

Is Adani Power and the electric grid relatively cheap?

The PE for the utilities sector is currently around 11.23x, below the. PE for the rest of the Indian equity market of 24.92x. This illustrates a sector that is somewhat undervalued relative to the rest of the market. However, the industry reported a similar return of 10.39% on the shares compared to 9.71% for the market.

Since Adani Power’s gains don’t seem to reflect his true value, his XP ratio isn’t very useful. A flexible alternative to assessing the value of Adani Power is to assume that the stock should be relatively in line with its industry.

Is Adani Power and the electric grid relatively cheap_

Next steps:

The future of the nse:adanipower compare industry is a boon for investors. If Adani Power has been on your watch list for a while, now might be a good time to buy the stock. If you like its growth prospects and aren’t heavily focused on the utility sector.

However, before settling on the stock, I suggest you examine the fundamentals of Adani Power to build a holistic investment thesis.

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What is the stock price prediction for Adani in 2023?

So, adani Enterprises Ltd quote equals INR 1802.350 as of 2023-04-22. Based on our forecast, a long-term increase is expected, “Adani Enterprises Ltd” stock price prediction for 14/04/2028 is INR 7190.468. With an investment of 5 years, the turnover should be approximately +298.95%.

What is the future of Adani Power share in 2025?

According to current analyst opinions, the consensus price target for Adani Power’s shares in 2025 is around Rs. 375 to Rs. 400. This is based on the company’s current financial performance and growth prospects, as well as the overall economic conditions in India.

What is the target of Adani Power in 2030?

Adani Power Stock Price Target for 2030

Adani Power is projected to achieve a share price target of Rs 993,130 by 2030 and Rs 1088,191 in subsequent years. With the company’s business growing, investors can expect attractive returns on these promising targets.

What is the future prediction of Adanipower in NSE?

Adani power limited can be a cost-effective investment choice if you are looking for stocks with good returns. Adani Power Limited’s quote is equal to 201.350 INR on 2023-04-24. Based on our estimates, a long-term increase is expected. The “Adani Power Ltd” stock price projection for 2028-04-14 is 669.789 INR.


The acquisition was complete at a business valuation of ₹3,530 crore. This addition led to an increase in APL’s total capacity to 12,450 MW. With this, nse:adanipower compare became the largest private sector thermal power producer.