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New Nintendo Switch – Release Date, Price, and More

New Nintendo Switch

New Nintendo Switch

As 2021 begins to approach, the New Nintendo Switch 2 doesn’t look like it will emerge anytime soon.

However, we still wonder if there might be news of a full sequel to Nintendo’s celebrated hybrid home / portable console.

The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch that was just released is not the [Nintendo Switch] 4K that was rumored or expected, but it does offer some other advantages, as its OLED panel is just one of a series of updates.

Possible new release date for Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo stated that the present Nintendo Switch is in the ‘middle phase’ of its life through an investor call, so we don’t think the Nintendo Switch 2 launch is coming anytime soon.

Nintendo Switch 2 News and Rumors (Updated November 6):

New Nintendo Switch 2 price

Nintendo Switch 2: [Nintendo Switch] and [Nintendo Switch] Lite

Nintendo’s OLED switch costs $ 349. It fits with the speculation above.

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