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Methods to go back to Old Twitter Layout

How to go back to Old Twitter Layout

How to go back to Old Twitter Layout

How to go back to old Twitter layout design as expected, many people do not like the redesign, thanks to Twitter.

He has been activating it for a few weeks. Even so, it has been this week when it has begun to expand to all users.

The plan is that this is the only version of Twitter available, so if you still have the old design and prefer it, you better enjoy it while you can.

How to Go back to the old Twitter account?

Here in the new window, you will select “Change the previous version of Twitter.”

Alternate mode:

If you fixed the previous step and are one of the unfortunate ones, the option to change the design does not appear.

The other method is to use an extension for Chrome or Mozilla browser that allows you to return to the previous and old design features of Twitter.

To download the extension, then you must perform the following procedure:

What are the method and the Twitter option?

Another shared solution that recovers the old Twitter interface without requiring the installation of anything.

A Twitter user profile directory page will open in a new window with the old Twitter layout.

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