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What is Lead Generation Marketing?

Lead Marketing Definition

Lead Marketing

Lead marketing, or lead-generation marketing, attracts potential customers and then converts them into buyers.

What is lead Marketing?

The first step to establishing a relationship with potential customers is to encourage them to share their data.

Examples of ways to get leads are:

The challenge in lead marketing is to attract the attention of potential customers and earn their trust.

That is why most companies use multiple channels to meet this challenge:


Lead marketing, or lead generation marketing, is the process of stimulating the interest of potential customers and then converting them into buyers.

It is usually done through different channels in online marketing.

Lead generation through content:

According to the well-known AIDA marketing formula, these correspond to attention, – desire, – action.

Awareness: the customer’s consciousness of a need

Consideration: determining to move on or evaluating the worth

Decision: making the purchase

Through the ‘information research’ phase, the consumer needs to be addressed differently because he is yet to make a purchase decision:

Illustrating product advantages:

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