Jobs that Hire Quickly : Need to pick up a new position in new field quickly? Are you looking for a new job after years of not being in the job force? You might find yourself banging your head against the Catch-22 of needing experience to get a job—and then acquire said experience.

So, you might think there are no decent-paying jobs worth taking that don’t require minimum experience. But you’d be wrong. Here are several excellent jobs that don’t require you to have work experience in that field. Stay in them happily, or use them as moving stones to other career moves. For more information, please read the article given below.

Jobs That Will Hire You Today, Even With No Experience

Jobs That Will Hire You Today, Even With No Experience

1. Administrative Assistant

Most value by people looking to hire an administrative assistant or executive secretary is not experience but skill. Can you do the job? Are you preternaturally organized? Super reliable, trustworthy, discreet, able to multitask with the best of them? Are you willing to pick up dry cleaning and handle confidential legal and financial information? Familiar with word processing, database, and spreadsheet software? Can you type? You hired. The average salary is nearly $38k per year.

2. Delivery Driver

Have a clean driver’s license? Get work for a national, local, global, or regional company driving delivery vehicles. You’ll even benefit from a great deal of scheduling flexibility—and a chance to get your foot in the door at a company. Average salary: anywhere from $16-46k per year.

3. Bill Collector

Didn’t even know this was a job? You only need a high school diploma, good phone manners, and good customer service skills to help chase down payments from negligent payers. This career expected to grow 19% in the next ten years, and the average salary ranges from $21-48k per year.

4. Security Officer

I always wanted to be a cop but didn’t want to bother with all the training. Try being security officer for office building, a lobby, a museum, or a mall. You’ll have to be on your feet most of the time, but you’ll get on-the-job training flexible hours, and the average salary is over $35k per year.

5. Bartender

If you can handle the work, make the drinks, and keep from overserving unruly clientele, you can make great money behind a bar. If experience is necessary for one of these jobs, it is as simple as attending a course or bartending school. And you can make as much as $50k per year.

6. School Bus Driver

You’ll have a patient and very safe driver, but you can make anywhere from $16-$40k driving children to and from school without prior experience. You might even score some decent benefits.

7. HR Assistant

Help screen job applicants for companies (and learn something in the process). You’ll get decent benefits and a competitive salary (around $38k annually). And the more skills you have with computers and communication, the better off you’ll be.

8. Clerk

Consider working at local courthouse, DMV, or municipal office. City governments employ many people; you might as well be one of them! Experience requirements are deficient, but benefits are high. And the average salary is around $38k.

How to hire employees quickly & fix the slow hiring cycle?

How to hire employees quickly & fix the slow hiring cycle?

1.  Standardize your hiring process

Standardization in hiring process will ensure all candidate evaluated fairly and consistently, improving the quality of hires and reducing the risk of poor hiring decisions.

Standardization also streamlines hiring process, making it more efficient and reducing the time and resources required to fill role. A standard approach can also increase transparency, making it easier for candidates to understand what expected of them and what the selection process entails.

2: Have the Role Kick-Off Meeting

HR recruiters don’t always understand the complexity of a job. It means there is lot of disconnect between the hiring team and candidate’s final office team.

A role kick-off meeting solves this problem. Before you begin the hiring process, discuss the role you are hiring for with the department head or future reporting manager.

3: Create Job Description Templates

Creating a job description template will standardize information in job postings, making it easier for hiring manager to create accurate and consistent job posting.

A job description (JD) template also help ensure that all candidate clearly understand the responsibilities and requirements of the job they apply for, which improves the candidate pool quality and reduces the risk of misunderstanding.

By using a job description template, organizations save time and reduce effort required to create job postings, as templates are used repeatedly for multiple job postings. Hence, having a JD template means you can speed up job posting efforts and reach more candidates in a shorter time.

4: Sourcing Candidate: Go wide, Go Deep, and Go One Step Ahead

“Go wide and deep” is balanced approach to recruiting and selecting candidate. Going “wide” means casting wide net to reach large pool of potential candidates. It involves using multiple channels to promote job opportunities, such as an online job board, social media, etc.

Not going wide and deep hiring or narrow and shallow cause many problem. It may make you lose out on premium candidate. Additionally, it may make you stuck with subpar candidate who might be detrimental in the long run.

It is where platform like Cutshort shine. While we specialize in specific niche i.e. tech talent, we hiring tech talent insanely easy with pool of 3M+ tech candidates, verify skills and 0% backouts. Plus, you access advance search and profile filtering features, making sourcing more efficient and accessible.


As the above types of job hire quickly or even immediately, candidate sourcing technology must adapt to meet hiring companies’ needs. These jobs do not go through traditional application process. Companies that want to fill position quickly need to utilize latest technology to help them hire at scale, without compromising quality. Fountain caters to companies that cannot wait to source and recruit applicant. With our Boost feature, you get access to qualify pool of candidate, fast.

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A quick and efficient hiring process impress candidates before they even start to work for company. Given that jobthat hire quickly also tend to lose workers quickly, your sourcing solution need to equipped to deal with these changes. For company to survive in this competitive landscape, you need to hire quickly to meet customer expectation.

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