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Interlinking – Decrease Bounce, Benefits, and More



You have often heard these words in your blogging career that Interlinking will help you rank better.

Primary of all, what is interlinks and Interlinking?

Linking means creating hyperlinks on your page or post.

Interlinking is when your article has links to other articles on your site related to the present paper, so the reader can click and be redirected to another article on your site.

Once a user on your website reads an article. That particular article is referred to or related to another article on your blog. Here should be a link that takes the user to that article to understand your topic better.

There are many benefits using Interlinking:


If you take written an article on your blog about How to Install WordPress, then the article perhaps contains steps to install WordPress on a specific system.

You consume described steps to install WordPress on web-host, but the user wants to install it on a local computer. So if your article has Linked to your other posts on your blog like

Anchor Text

There is an Element called Anchor Text Which has a significant role in Interlinking and getting a better ranking with Interlink.



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