Ingramer is web service that allows you to access automated likes, follow/unfollow, comments, scheduled posts, and more. So, you can use Ingramer on any device to manage Instagram growth.

It is based on intelligent algorithm develop by Instagram limit. The service imitates actual human behaviour on Instagram. You’ll never banned and save lot of precious time. In this article you can grab more information about Ingramer.

Why is Ingramer so far behind Flock Social?

Due to the high ban risk and indifferent support to changeable quality automation, Ingramer is pretty limited tool. Zero growth guarantee, risky activity flow totally in violation of Instagram’s terms of service, and no help or support whatsoever—no wonder user cancel early on. On the other hand, Flock design to provide the best, safest, and fastest Instagram growth, no exception and no concession.

Why Flock consistently delivers vs Why Ingramer can’t deliver

Why Flock consistently delivers vs Why Ingramer can't delive

Why does Flock consistently deliver?

It doesn’t get any better than thousands of natural, laser-targeted followers engaging with profile. Added unlimited support, advanced targeting, and organic interface, you get an idea why Flock Social is intolerable to top.

  1. Organic, human-like action
  2. Guaranteed, fast growth
  3. Super-targeted, real follower
  4. Easy setup; get started in a minute
  5. User-friendly dashboard

Why can’t Ingramer deliver?

The number one issue for most users leaving Ingramer for Flock is lack of actual results. Sure, you get additional tools like hashtag generator, but all essential bonus tools can’t compensate for the poor quality service.

  • Spammy, excessive actions
  • Mixed results
  • Unpredictable follower quality
  • Unsafe, high risk of blocks and perma-bans
  • No support

How Does Ingramer Work?

How Does Ingramer Work

Ingramer used a known Instagram bot that generated great results for its users. However, since Instagram’s algorithm change, Instagram has stopped working.

Ingramer either gets you handful of inactive followers or doesn’t do anything. It is where Plixi steps in. Using our patented growth technology, Plix helps build an engaged and active Instagram follower audience: more likes, engagement, overall growth, and sales.

With Plixi

  • Check IconPatented Growth Technology
  • IconAI-Powered Growth Engine Check
  • Check IconReal results. No spam. No bots.
  • Check IconGuaranteed Growth from Day 1

With Ingramer

  • Cross IconRisk of getting banned on Instagram
  • Cross IconYou must share your Instagram password
  • IconOld, spammy and risky growth tactics Cross
  • Cross IconIngramer doesn’t work most of the time

Ingramer Overview

Ingramer Overview

Instagram originally started as simple photo-sharing site, rapidly growing into one of world’s most popular social media platform and evolving further into fa.

But even now, many companies struggle to make most of Instagram. Ingramer helped with that. It offer various marketing tools and services to build audience and engage with customers through Instagram. Please find out more in our full Ingramer review.

Ingramer Pros and Cons

Ingramer Pros and Cons

Later in our Ingramer review, we’ll look at this platform’s essential features, pricing, helpful business tools, examples of real-world users, and more. But before we get to that, let’s look at some of the main pros and cons of using Ingramer to see if it’s the right platform.

Ingramer Pros

1. Tick new Make more of Instagram account.

The main aim of Ingramer, or Inflact, is to help business users get more out of their Instagram account. It help you maximize the reach and effectiveness of your posts, attracting wider audience and potentially making more sale to grow your brand.

2. New flexible, customized pricing.

Like other platforms, Ingramer has few payment plans for users. But, if the plans available don’t suit you, you can also make your custom plan, picking and choosing features need at price that’s right for your business.

3. Check out the new free tools for personal and business use.

Another great thing about Ingramer is its handy tools, like the hashtag generator and profile analyzer. These tool are free to use and great helping people get more out of Instagram experience.

4. Tick new A range of valuable feature.

Ingramer is one of the most fully-feature Instagram marketing and efficiency toolkit around. It offers promotional tools to market posts, DM service to communicate with customers and automated posting tool.

5.  Tick new automated processes to save time.

If you’re running a business, you may be unable to dedicate too much time to posting on Instagram. Ingramer help with that, offering range of handy automation features that help you save time and resource while still getting most from IG account.

Ingramer Cons

1. Cons Can be pretty expensive for larger team

One downside of Ingramer is that it starts to cost a lot of money if you need a high-tier account for multiple users, as you’ll need to pay separate fees for every user on the system.

2. Cons: No free trial available

Another downside with Ingramer is that it doesn’t offer any free trial during this review. The only “trial” you can get for now is 7-day Pro trial, but you still have to pay small fee for this, and it’s not always available.

3. Cons new Customer service can be slow.

Ingramer has some decent customer support in general. Still, some users have reported relatively slow responses at certain times of the week, so you won’t always get immediate answers to questions or solutions to your problems.


As far Instagram marketing software goes, Ingramer is one of top tools around. It has massive range of features, along with free tools like a famous hashtag generator, helping to make it one of most comprehensive toolkits on the market. Therefore, to grow your brand, it’s good idea to use multiple marketing channels, from email to social media. Instagram can be powerful tool, but need right software to get best return from Instagram account

Though it’s not wrong value, and customer support is excellent, if you want to grow your Instagram account and automate posting schedule to save time, Ingramer or Inflact is great way to get started.