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i failed to throw the villain away

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What is I failed to throw the villain away?

It’s a play, unreal, magic web series that’s gaining grip because of the moderate success of its recent chapters. It is released often in the form of chapter that come out now and then, and the chapter movement is like to comics with art in its place of handwritten novels.

I failed to heave the villain away novel is also definitely received and has rating of over 4 out 5 stars on most worldwide platforms.

What is I failed to throw the villain away_

Details about i failed to throw the villain away chapter 1

  • The novels follow a i failed to throw the villain away Chapter 1 of a novel she or he read in a previous life.
  • When he finds himself in a familiar environment and already knows about the possible activities, he thinks that he feels calm.
  • But she learns unexpected things about this world and how she will die.
  • she tries to change her destiny, but the villain of the story will not let her relax.

  I Failed To Throw The Villain Away Chapter 1

Let’s take a look at all the important information about this chapter below. In this section, we will provide a brief overview of the events.

The events and happenings of this chapter are quite interesting and it continues after some twists and turns of the previous chapter, which makes users so eager to know more about this chapter.

The chapter begins with events going forward six years.

The chapter opens with some exchange of ideas between the main character and another character.

At the end of Chapter 1 and in the final pages, we see Valet cursing her fate because she can’t control what happens to her.

Conclusion Thoughts

Fiction includes web novels, fantasy, short stories, and more. It remains quite popular and has its own core readership. Web fiction has achieved normal success in popular culture and has been adapted into films and television series. Web novels and manhua are also quite popular. Users want to know about the latest developments in the latest Chapter 1 Failed to Cast Villain.


I Failed To Throw The Villain Away chapter 1 is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua (English/Raw) drama series. The English chapters have been explain, and you can read them here. You are reading I Failed To Throw The Villain Away chapters on, the fastest updated comic site.

“You’re the only one left now, lady.” I reincarnated as a baron’s daughter in a novel I read in a previous life. Because of this, I knew that the boy my father brought as an enslaved person would kill the baron, I would meet a horrible death and the end of this world. I worked hard to avoid that miserable fate, but it was all in vain. In the end, the one who woke up as a great magician killed my father and all the servants. And now I’m going to die too…did I think? “I wanted to keep you, lady.” The villain of this world began to possess me. But wasn’t there anything like that in the original? Valletta, which began to move away from the original work, came closer to the dark truth of this world.