Tachiyomi is an application that allow you to read any manga quickly and comfortably from your Android device. To do so, choose favorite sources from over hundred web pages, among which you find Tapas, Webtoon, or Manta, among many other. You can add as many sources as you want and search content individually in each of them.

All these options only concern the readers themselves, but you will have many more at your removal. For example, you can choose from dozen visual themes in addition to the classic dark mode. You will also able to restrict downloading of content so that it only work when connected to Wi-Fi network. You  even activate an option to delete the chapter automatically after reading them.

Once you select preferred comic and manga source, you can see all list in the search tab. So, to add Manga or comic book to library and able to access this content more quickly, you will have to add it to favorites. This way, you will notify when new update or chapter is released. Arranging Tachiyomi to become central reading hub is very easy.

How to Use Tachiyomi?

How to Use Tachiyomi?

Naturally, you must download application first and continue with installation. After you have installed app, you need to install extensions. That’s how you access sources. If you don’t install wings, you won’t able to read Manga you want.

  • Open the app.
  • Choose the option ‘Browse’.
  • Choose the tab ‘Extensions’.
  • Look for the ones you want, then click the ‘Install’ button.
  • Make sure that the process is complete.
  • Install the extensions.
  • What happens after you have installed the extensions you want? You can start using it to add series.
  • Find the extensions within tab ‘Sources.’
  • Choose the series you want to go with by browsing the listings’ Latest/Popular’. You can also perform search with name.
  • If you have found the ones you like, tap it to get more details
  • Then choose the ‘Add to Library’ button, and systems will immediately add it to library, making it ready and available for your reading.

Is Tachiyomi is the Best One?

Is Tachiyomi is the Best One_

One of best ones is this Tachiyomi. This open-source alternative allows us to access some of most popular manga’s selected from renown source like Batoto, Kiss Manga, Manga Fox, or Read Manga Today from our smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, all these contents perfectly translated into English, so we don’t miss out on single detail of each new chapter.

Tachiyomi is excellent application for reading Manga, thanks to which you enjoy hundreds of comics on your Android device. Due to the many available sources to which you will have access, there is not a single comic that you cannot access in seconds, no matter how hard to find. So, in addition, you will find both old Manga, which in many cases may be out of print, and the latest chapters of the most current Manga.

Manga has quite an essential market share, both in Japan from where it’s from and in other countries worldwide. Fans of this format don’t miss the chance to follow their favorite stories wherever they go, and for such purpose, manga readers for Android have lately become quite popular.

Main Features

  • Read favorite mangas online or download chapter to access them offline.
  • Add any local manga to your catalog.
  • The application is fully customizable to modify the kind of view, the size, and the reading direction.
  • All the mangas categorize by topic to simplify the search.
  • Possibility to customize interface with dark or light theme.
  • Load of extensions to increase app function.
  • So, now that you know, if you’re looking for solid alternative to Manga Rock, don’t hesitate to download APK of Tachiyomi, which isn’t available for iOS for iPhone and iPad users.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Installing the app utilizing the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

Free Mobile Manga Reader

Free Mobile Manga Reader

It is free anime app like Manga Geek and Crunchyroll that give you access to manga content. It has massive catalogue of titles to browse through at your leisure. If you’re looking for something specific, there’s a search tool to make the task easier.

The manga reader lets you sort between titles you have read and unread so you don’t find the same copies when looking for something new. Since you won’t see this app in common marketplaces like Google Play, it has built-in update button to receive the latest features from the developer.

Read Manga on Phone

The primary function of Tachiyomi is to provide you with a platform where you read your favourite… manga content. It has clear display to show you visual detail of artwork, while you can easily view text. You can also pin your favorite series to return to it anytime.

Download Manga App

Download Manga App

Manga is popular in Japan and all over world. People love its characters so much that there are app like Tachiyomi that let you read Manga online or download it for free. Therefore, this app also update each chapter of favorite manga series, thanks to its connection with many sources.

In today’s digital era, many entertainment service have taken hold. In addition to OTT apps, social media has also contribute significantly. Due to this, there has been decrease in infiltration of reading platforms. Still, readers’ apps like Tachiyomi have sought. The reading method has completely expanded, with reading, downloading, and also catalog neatly embedded within app to make Manga even more enjoyable.


Tachiyomi Apk is effective alternative to manga reader app that acts as reader, downloader, and cataloguer. With the help of its powerful extension support, you can connect to countless Manga lying in multiple repositories. Since the Tachiyomi app is open-source, many developer contribute to app’s performance and UI design processes. So, with this, you get direct connectivity to many Manga’s source, which you can see in extension option.