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How does Android Messages on PC?

How does Android Messages on PC?

Android Messages on PC

Android Messages on PC that instant messaging apps have come into people’s lives does not mean that they defeated text messages, as people continue to use them.

The latter comes to light because, although it is a minority, Android users use SMS to communicate with others.

So taking into account that the texts have not died, at least not entirely, this is how a tool has been launching to send them through a computer.

Its operation is simple and quite similar to WhatsApp Web, which means that people who use the latter will know how to use it.

However, for those who do not, we will show it here. Minecraft launches a test mode on Android, SMS from Android to PC.

Apowersoft Mobile Manager

Download and install the Mobile Manager on your PC

Apowersoft Phone Transfer

In the central interface, check the “text messages” box:

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