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Technology Dominator invites all passionate writers with an interest in cybersecurity to contribute to our efforts to educate our clients and readers on the cybersecurity industry. Our team will review your blog post to ensure that the post fits our blog concept. Bloggers are requested to follow the guideline outlined below to contribute to our blog section.

we want you to write on cybersecurity

We are interested in topics related to cyber security, compliance and governance, regulatory and risk management. We want to share insightful information (technical/statistical/strategic) beyond normal and simple discussion. We select articles that provide valuable information to our audience and help them in their cybersecurity and compliance efforts.

Guest Posting Format Requirement

The article should be a minimum of 500 words and should be plagiarism-free, checked for grammatical and spelling errors. We prefer articles written with Titles, subtitles and encourage the use of bullet points where ever possible.  If required, you can use images in your article. The article should be appealing to readers, written in a conversational tone, have questions that encourage comments, and real-life examples or experiences shared in the blog.

Our Audience

Software Developers
Technology Vendors
Cyber Risk Management Professionals
IT Administrators
Business Associates
Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)
Chief Privacy Officers (CPO)
Compliance Officers
Covered Entities

Publication process

Our publishing process is very simple. Email your article to and our editors will review it. However, since our articles are primarily aimed at a US audience, we suggest that you write your article in US English and review it for grammar and spelling before sending it to us. Once we receive the article our team will review it to ensure it meets all our criteria and is relevant to our requirement.

Why to Write for Technology Dominator – Cybersecurity write for us

How To Submit Your Articles?

To Write for Us, you can email at

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