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Best projectors – why a projector, Recommendations and More

Best projectors

Best projectors

Best projectors, one way to enjoy good movies is in the tranquility of your home, with a bowl of popcorn and no noisy or talking company around us.

Of course, building a home theater is not a luxury that many of us can get, but a good alternative is projectors designed for the home, transporting part of that theater to our family.

Why a projector?


The technical aspects that we must take into account to make the right choice of a projector for domestic use and that is economical are the following:

Aspect ratio:

Image resolution:

Contrast (also called native contrast) :

Dynamic contrast :

ANSI Brightness :

Image technology:

Connections :

Refresh rate :

Extras :

Some of the best projectors

1.WiMiUS Upgraded T4

2.Optoma S341

3.Epson V11H719021

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Review Best projectors – why a projector, Recommendations and More.

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