Live Tv App

The live tv app on the mobile phone pocket computers that almost all of us carry with us is suitable for doing many things.

Among them is the ability to watch all kinds of audiovisual content, from videos saved in the memory of our Android to series and movies on streaming servicesstreaming and watching television. Yes, you can monitor live TV without needing a tuner, using its applications.

However, a quick search on Google Play gives us many results about apps used to watch TV, but after trying them, we can find claims that also do not work or put too numerous advertisements.

We have apparent to keep nine that work, do not abuse publicity, and offer suitable content both live and on-demand.

Clarify that we wanted to list official applications, save the last alternative from a developer, and publish his app under free code.

Vodafone TV

The official Vodafone TV request has a good number of channels. It allows you to consult the grid, in addition to having the option of sending content from your mobile or tablet to the television and vice versa.

Both DTT channels are available, such as La 1, Antena 3, or LaSexta, and movie and series channels. See AXN or FOX.

You essential to be a subscriber to the service to access, but then again, if you are a Vodafone customer and take contracted the package, it is an app that you cannot miss on your smartphone.

Vodafone TV

Developer: Vodafone ES

Price: Free

Download it at Google Play

Category: Entertainment

Atresmedia Player

Atresmedia Player is a request that encompasses all the content of this announcement group. And also, Antena 3, La Sexta, Nova, mega, A3Series, Neox, Onda Cero, and Europa FM.

In addition, it offers us the possibility of seeing what is broadcasting live and previous programs.

Of course, we cannot see the entire catalogue available on demand. So, for example, with fiction series that are not self-produced, there are loose and messy episodes, not all the content as we would see on Netflix example.

But, on the other hand, the apps are straightforward to use; they have a lot to do with it and support connectivity with Chromecast.

Atresmedia Player1.3.8

Android version: from 4.0.3

Download it at Google Play

Price: Free

Category: Video Players and Editors


The other large media group in Spain has apps to view its satisfaction. However, In this case, it gives us access to all that Mediaset broadcasts.

In other words. Telecinco, Cuatro, Factoría de Ficino, Boing, Divinity, and Bead. Famous this case, we do not have the option of listening to the radio station.

The request allows us to see both live and on-demand content, although we will also have some limitations in this second case, and not everything will be available.

The Michele app is free and contains a lot of ads, but it does the job well. This time, yes, it does not have support for Chromecast.

My TV3.2.1

Android version: from 4.2

Developer: Mediaset España

Download it at Google Play

Price: Free

Category: Entertainment

Orange TV

The operators have benefited from investing in TV to bring series and movies to mobiles. In the orange telecom case, we can watch live channels and content on request in any of them.

However, It also includes support for Chromecast if we want to see it on a more significant screen where the Orange decoder is not linked.

We also have admission to the Wuaki video store to access its gratified and rent movies or series. We will need to have a thin connection to use the facility. Otherwise, the request will not help us, even if it is free.

Orange TV3.2.6

Android version: from 4.0

Developer: Orange Spain

Download it at Google Play

Price: Free

Category: Entertainment

Movistar +

Movistar + is the official app so that all those who have admission to the TV content package can too see it from their mobile.

Near log in, we will need to activate this function from the company’s website previously, and after a thought, we will receive a password to enter.

The content is similar to what we would have on TV, all the series, the same movies, and it is coordinated with our favourite content to follow it and not have to look for it again.

As a Movistar user, I say that the app works well and, though it infrequently jerks, it is a request that any Movistar TV user should have installed.

Movistar +Varies by device

Developer: Movistar Spain
Download it at Google Play

Price: Free

Category: Entertainment

Disney Channel

We close the list with an application for the little ones. Disney Channel is still very much alive, and for a long time, it has also been present on mobile devices.

Like other apps that we have seen on the list, we can watch content on-demand or monitor what is currently broadcasting live.

The interface is very visual, and at a glance, you can see which series are available.

But, of course, we do not have all the episodes here, so we have to be attentive to what we see, not to see it twice and take advantage of when the list is updated to see what is new.

Disney Channel

Android version: from 4.4

Developer: Disney

Download it at Google Play

Price: Free

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