Laptops, PCs, and screens may form the crux of traditional presentations and digital signs. However, iPads are swiftly catching up. iPads are a strong contender for digital signage display because they offer a variety of benefits that come with being connected to the Apple App Store.

Using iPads for digital signage

iPads are sleek in their design and loaded with numerous attractive features that make them desirable as digital signage. In businesses like any other display device, iPads can take care of the advertising needs of businesses by showcasing high-quality content that will capture the attention of their customers right away. Using the iPad screens in close quarters with customers will work. However, mirroring the iPad screens through Airplay onto a bigger screen will help businesses grab the attention of their customers, especially in crowded places. In terms of the content or media that businesses want to display, all they have to do is to lock the device onto their website or a dedicated signage application.

Benefits of using iPads in digital signage

The benefits of using iPads in digital signage include:

  • They are conventionally built for public use, however, when paired with a third-party mount or enclosure, they can be easily protected against theft and damage.
  • iPads are less expensive than commercial-grade screens or tablets and can normally be bought from local stores. They come in a variety of colours, sizes, and memory capacities, therefore business organizations can tailor them according to their needs.
  • The Retina protection screen of an iPad makes the content look visually striking and sharp. Smaller screens also draw attention because people are used to seeing large screens every day.
  • Small screens such as iPads are great at counters where people form queues including bars and supermarkets, among others.
  • iPads combine WiFi, touchscreen display, App Store, and operating system all within one device without the requirement of external software.
  • Using an iPad as digital signage is incredibly convenient because it can be set up anywhere, carried around, is familiar to everyone, and ideal for presentations.

Disadvantages of using iPads for digital signage

Some of the disadvantages of using iPads for digital signage include:

  • iPads do not fully support the offline mode. It only has media caching capability, meaning that when the connection drops, only the images and video will show up. Apps that are chosen from the App Store (Twitter, Weather, and others.) will show as black on the screen.
  • The battery life of iPads only lasts for a short time, and this decreases over time and usage. Therefore, business organizations might need to consider setting up a charging point for overnight use or wire them in as part of the fixture.
  • Due to the smaller screen size of the iPads, the audience will need to look straight at the iPad to view the messaging.


There are several benefits to using iPad digital signages because businesses can display their products and services in a more visually engaging way, capture the attention of their audience through immersive ads, or boost their online marketing efforts by enticing viewers to follow them on social media.