iApp Para Ver Películas Y Series Gratis En Español Latino: There are apps to watch free series and movies from your cell phone that allow you to carry all your entertainment in your pockets to watch it whenever and wherever you want. Cell phones are becoming more powerful, with more precise screens and faster connections. In addition, their batteries last longer and longer. Will you use them only to enter social networks and send WhatsApps?

If you need it you don’t have to log in to watch movies and TV show, but the option is available. The interface is easy to work with, and videos stream smoothly. One thing you won’t find in many movie apps is an option to sort and filter results. Here you can grab more information about this Article App Para Ver Películas Y Series Gratis En Español Latino

App to Watch Movies and Series free in Latin Spanish

App to Watch Movies and Series free in Latin Spanish

Today, I want to show you all the apps to watch free movies in Latin Spanish and Spanish from Spain.

Free does not mean illegal. For example, the first application on this list is Amazon Prime Video, the Amazon application where you can watch free movies while you are an Amazon Premium member.

There are other applications that we do not know if they have the rights of the distributors and if they have them for all countries. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are viewing legally!

The Best Streaming apps to watch Series and Movies for free

The Best Streaming apps to watch Series and Movies for free

This complete “oasis” of streaming series and movies is possible thanks to the paid subscription model with which most platforms work. But, some services offer freemium formats with free content that ads support. It’s another business model that seems to be working quite well. Below, we review some of the best apps of this type to watch free series and movies on Android. Let’s go there!


Movies are on their list, separate from shows.

High-quality movies.

Include a category for children.

What we don’t like

The genre list cannot sorted.

The Tubi app looks almost identical to desktop website, but it’s optimized well for mobile devices The same genres and search tools are available through the app, and each movie cover is large enough to view without touching it. There are over 35,000 movies and show to choose from here.

Choosing movie will take you to its description page, showing the release date, duration, genre, and similar titles you might like. “Like” or “dislike” movies to teach the app what to recommend to you in the future.

You download Tubi for phones, tablets, streaming devices, and smart TVs.

2. Pluto TV – To Watch Series and Movies

What we like

It allows you to watch movies while they play live on TV.

It has movies on demand that you can watch over and over again.

So, it works on many devices.

Their movies are available in all regular genres. It can also watch the most recently added films and popular movies. Since Pluto TV also has live movies, you can watch them if they’re on; several channels are dedicated exclusively to film.

The app allows you to hide channels if you prefer not to watch movies from a specific source and see the descriptions of movies that are playing later but are not live. There are several way to stream Pluto TV for free films and series. Mobile app runs on Android and iOS.

Pluto TV is a versatile service with applications on various smart TVs and smartphones. You watch live TV and movies for free and stream films on demand.

Pluto is available in several countries, including Spain, where the service officially launched last year’s end, with 40 exclusive thematic channels where action, science fiction, crime, drama, comedy, and movies are bare.

3. RTVE Play

If you live in Spain, you cannot ignore the RTVE app. In addition to allowing us to watch its live TV broadcasts over the Internet, it also has an extensive catalog of on-demand content. If you like TVE fiction series, you will find complete seasons of series like Isabel, El Ministerio del Tiempo, or Los Misterios de Laura here. They also have several foreign series such as House of Cards, Les Miserables, and The Pillars of the Earth. Of course, we must remember that the broadcast licenses of some series and movies have an expiration date.

On RTVE Play, there is also room for a good repertoire of films, both classic and contemporary Spanish cinema, the occasional Hollywood blockbuster, and many high-quality documentaries (the latter, primarily thanks to La2’s programming).

The RTVE Play app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices, smart televisions, and through the browser by visiting its website.

4. Xiaomi TV+

Like the Samsung app, Xiaomi offers hundreds of free TV channels through its platform, reaching over 200 online television channels. The big difference compared to Samsung is that you do not need a Xiaomi television or device since it works with any TV brand. Of course, the app only works on smart TVs: no version is available for mobile phones or tablets.

Netflix – Best App to Watch Paid Movies

App Para Ver Películas Y Series Gratis En Español Latino: The undeniable king in terms of streaming series and movies is, do you know Stranger Things? We are talking about series like this.

Netflix has App for Android, iOS, Smart TV, and PC, so you can watch from wherever you want.

It is not an app to watch free movies (only the first month), but I added it because it is the app I like the most and the one I have used since it came out in Spain.

However, to use Netflix, you have to pay a monthly fee. It is worth mentioning it for two fundamental reasons: The first is that it is the best application of this type, and the second is that it has a free trial for one month, which is why you can try it free for a month and So if you like it for a monthly payment you have access to a large amount of high-quality content.

The only drawback I have is that the movies are a little old, and there are no premieres, but if you like series, you’ll love Netflix. Practically all of them are there. We can find a few thematic channels dedicated to cinema, and many are in Spanish.


The attraction of this platform is the availability of hundreds of movies and series in Spanish —mainly from Latin America—without the need for subscription and “with fewer ads than normal television.” The Android app highlights the Movies and TV sections, where you can find productions such as Nonna’s Journey, El Mariachi Gringo, La Garida del Lobo, Esto no es Berlin, Bellas de Noche and Escuela de Vagabonds.