Samsung serif has launched the 65-inch The Serif TV in South Korea. The company had previously launched The Serif series in 43-inch, 49-inch, and 55-inch models worldwide, including in India. The Serif TV line has been designed by famous furniture designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The televisions are based on the theme of combining furniture with appliances.

Samsung The Serif 65-inch: Specs and Features

The 65-inch variant of the Serif TV comes with support for AirPlay 2 and NFC. These features are also present in the smaller models. Like the other models, the TV uses Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology and has an active voice amplifier feature. In addition, the TV is HDR 10+ certified and can upscale content to 4K using its AI Upscaling technology.

The 65-inch Serif TV also supports the “Magic Screen” feature, which will display different content, including world-renowned works of art and content design by the Bouroullec brothers, even when the TV screen is turned off.

Samsung The Serif TV (2022) review: Exclusive style, great color

Samsung has a penchant for creating TVs out of the ordinary, and its The Serif is perhaps the furthest thing from straight and narrow. So I’ll leave the “The” for this review unless it’s grammatically necessary. But, first, to describe a good-looking TV with the signature picture quality typical of Samsung.

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The remote control and the Serif user interface

For inefficiency, I’ve been bashing Samsung’s Smart Hub interface/remote combo. Forks; however, it also does an excellent job blending different types of content, is compatible with a host of apps (Netflix, YouTube, and more), and has a lovely channel leader. In other words, the user interface has all you want. But, unfortunately, sometimes it’s tedious and mysterious.

The new TM2050A remote control uses the same basic design as other Samsung models with fewer buttons, the better. When I say “basic,” I mean here are no devoted inputs, settings, transport controls, or number pad. This time, however, it’s white to game the color of the Serif. It is also used for the frame, which is dark gray. Go figure. It’s lightweight yet solid in hand, has a microphone for voice commands, and is rechargeable via Type-C or sunlight (it has a solar panel).

Samsung’s The Serif Performance

It seems that the display industry is always dithering between glossy and matte coatings, the latter of which is now employed on Serif. The former looks great when there’s little ambient light. The latter drastically reduces glare when there’s a lot of it. Witness Apple and the laser engraving they offer for their brilliant displays.

As well to excellent glare reduction and providing a wide viewing angle, Samsung’s new matte coating (found on both Frame and Serif) improves the appearance of blacks. Although I viewed the Serif in a brightly lit room (a predicted environment), blacks were quite good, as were viewing angles and screen uniformity.

Samsung’s The Serif is a single, fun, and right smart TV

If you’re observing for a uniquely styled TV that’s fun even when it’s off, I recommend the Serif. The image is the most competent representation typical of Samsung, so it does not give up anything in that regard. It costs a bit more than, say, a Q60 or Q50 series, and its looks won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s fun, and how often do you say that about a TV.

Is there a 2021 Samsung serif?

Designed by the Bouroullec brothers, the 2021 Samsung Serif TV’s sleek profile looks beautiful from any angle. Moreover, turning the blank screen into a design piece with Serif Ambient Mode displays decorative content.

Does Samsung Serif have Chromecast

Yes, Chromecast is pre-install on a large number of Samsung Smart TVs. However, if you have a normal model, you must first connect your Chromecast to a power source and the HDMI port on your TV. Then download the Google Homemade app and follow the on-screen instructions.


The Samsung, The Serif TV is designed by the Bouroullec brothers. This famous duo gave the TV a unique design that blends perfectly with any modern interior. Moreover, the image quality is also impressive because the 2019 series has a QLED screen.