Product Marketing Strategy

A product marketing strategy aims to achieve demand among consumers for a new or existing product.

These marketing actions are more complex than developing advertising campaigns and must be applied long before launching a product.

Goals of a product marketing action plan

As you can see, marketing strategies for products cover many more areas than just marketing. Your goals run through the entire product lifecycle and help make decisions better informed:

1. Positioning

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Build a good market positioning
  • Analyze customer responses and actions
  • Maintain existing customers and seek new audiences

2. Product design and sales

  • Deliver quality product content (easy to enrich and manage across multiple channels with Product Information Management software )
  • Drive sales and conversions
  • Here apply a pricing strategy
  • However, coordinate the objectives and actions of the marketing, sales, and product management teams

3. Promotion plan

  • Here design promotional actions
  • And also, define the brand and communication tone
  • However, identify online and offline sales channels

4. Different targets for existing or new products

  • Positioning a novel product is not the same as trying to boost one that has been stuck in your catalogue for a long time.

Of course, both crops share the same goal: to satisfy customers. Though, to analyze it, different actions will have to be applied:

  • However, if it is an existing product, the key is to collect as much information about consumption and sales as possible, identify errors and improvements, and convert more customers.
  • If it’s a new product, the most important thing is to make the launch known to the right audiences and get all departments to coordinate their actions.

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