Oracle has grown into an all-in-one business tool. Oracle’s digital core is like a company’s brain because it provides ERP solutions with hundreds of features that can be used in many different fields. Oracle environments are complex ecosystems with many moving parts, updates, fixes, and new applications.

Without Oracle EBS testing tools, it will be impossible to make sure the quality of such a big system. Since there are so many tools to choose from, it may be hard to figure out which one is best for your Oracle setup. The best Oracle test automation technology will speed up the time it takes to deliver a product, reduce business risk, and cut a company’s testing costs.

How Much Technology is Available and Where –

Oracle applications are used in every department of the company and are linked to a diverse collection of back-end computer systems and software. This includes items like application programming interfaces (APIs), user interfaces (UIs) for websites, mobile and online services, enterprise service buses (ESBs), mainframes, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Test scenarios are used by the vast majority of companies nowadays, and the majority of these scenarios include more than one software from more than one source. It is a frequent practice to combine Oracle Cloud and Salesforce in order to carry out an end-to-end CPQ process or combine Oracle Cloud and Oracle EBS in order to carry out HCM application development. If your tool for automating testing does not operate with a variety of technologies, you will be required to maintain a number of separate automation solutions in-house. Because of this, growth will be more difficult, and it will require more time and effort to maintain testing.

A Place That Doesn’t Need Any Programming –

In the Oracle environment, which is very flexible, tools that use AI, advanced analytics, machine learning, and process discovery are strongly recommended. When these features are put together, businesses can quickly create and update their tests.

A codeless interface also makes it easier to use pre-built test components in different kinds of tests. Organizations reduce their risk quickly by figuring out which tests are affected by each Oracle Cloud upgrade. This is possible because the test suite can be automatically updated to meet the changing needs of the applications.

You need to be familiar with coding in order to automate tasks with Selenium. Testing using Selenium is often carried out by a group consisting of coding specialists and Oracle functional experts. This is due to the fact that there are not many individuals who are proficient in using both platforms. It is hardly a mystery how much money this will need.

Conclusion –

While upgrading oracle EBS to 12.2, the most advanced codeless test automation solution such as Opkey has a deep understanding of the Oracle technology stack. With a built-in test accelerator, it’s easy to use assets in different ways. By only having to model your business processes once, you can use them over and over again to streamline your automation flows and cut down on maintenance costs.