One of the principal gaming workstations to utilize Nvidia’s new Pascal GPUs, the MSI GT62 Dominator Pro (evaluated at $1,999; beginning at $1,599) is VR eager to get the show on the road. What’s more, when you’re finished scaling peaks or investigating scary places in computer generated experience. The PC can toss down some madly smooth edge rates for your normal titles. On account of the machine’s Intel Core i7 processor and PCIe strong state drive, you can expect extraordinary execution and singing exchange speeds. Toss in a wonderful Nvidia G-Sync show, and you’re prepared to enter the fate of gaming with computerized weapons a-blazin’.


MSI’s scratch pad are generally either smooth or forcing. Nonetheless, the GT62 rides the wall to extraordinary impact for a PC that radiates both power and provocativeness. From the get go at the GT62, my eyes were attracted to the sets of lustrous dark and red strips implanted into the dark brushed-aluminum top. Each strip is lined by a dart of iron, which just assists with drawing in your eyes to the center of the top, where the chrome MSI logo and the illuminated mythical beast sigil dwell.

The vast majority of the PC’s inside is made of more dark soft aluminum. Buttons for power, Steel Series Engine, XSplit Gamecaster and fan speed live over the illuminated console, implanted in the speaker grille. Straightforwardly underneath the console sits a somewhat huge touchpad with a thin chrome emphasize.

While not quite as large as its friends the GT80 Titan and the GT72 Dominator Pro, the GT62 offers a strong assortment of ports. The right side houses a threesome of USB 3.0 ports and a SD card peruser. There’s a solitary USB 2.0 port and a solid lock space on the left, as well as jacks for headphones(S/PDIF), mouthpiece, line-in and line-out. A USB 3.1 Type-C port, a smaller than usual DisplayPort, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet and a power jack dwell on the framework’s back.

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The 15.4 x 10.5 x 1.6-inch GT62 is on the fuller side of the gaming PC range, at 6.4 pounds. The Digital Squall Equinox (15.4 x 10.5 x 0.7 inches) and the Asus ROG Strix (15.3 x 10.5 x 0.9 inches) are discernibly lighter at 4.2 pounds and 4.8 pounds, individually. The Alienware 15 (15.2 x 10.6 x 0.9~1.3 inches) keeps on being the uncontested heavyweight, at 7.1 pounds.


MSI makes the absolute best shows in the business. The GT62 Dominator Pro’s 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 dull board is essentially as beautiful as a fantasy. The screen gets a huge help from MSI’s True Color programming, which permits watchers to change variety temperature by means of six presets (Gamer, Anti-Blue, sRGB, Designer, Office and Movie).

MSI GT62 Dominator Pro

Despite the fact that sRGB is my go-to setting, I changed to Movie as I watched the Hands of Stone trailer, as it improved with Usher Raymond IV’s and Edgar Ramirez’s complexions. Raymond’s bronze skin glimmered under the dazzling white lights of the ring, which simply assisted with emphasizing the green and gold in the title belt folded over his abdomen. Subtleties were obvious to such an extent that I watched individual perspiration drops run randomly down the entertainer’s solid edge.

Before I went any farther in The With cher 3: Wild Hunt, I found opportunity to partake in the magnificence of the sun ascending over the sluggish town of White Orchid. As the sun rose toward its pinnacle, the blue sky gave way to a sumptuous brilliant shine prior to returning to a wonderful sapphire. The sun delicately stroked Geralt’s protection, following a gleaming way across the networking mail.

The presentation repeated 105.8 percent of the sRGB range, beating the 91% standard normal. That was sufficient to clear the Alienware 15 (60 percent), yet not the Strix (109%) or the Equinox (111%).

The GT62 isn’t a slouch with regards to precision, scoring 0.68 (0 is great) on the Delta-E test, which is obviously superior to the 2.3 normal and the Equinox’s 1.1. In any case, the Alienware 15 and Strix were somewhat more precise at 0.5 and 0.49 each.

Man, this is a brilliant presentation. The GT62 found the middle value of 301 nits, making the 265-nit normal look powerful faint. The Equinox was a far off second, at 293 nits, and the Strix and the Strange ware 15 turned in 273 nits and 222 nits, separately.


Having high edge rates is cool, yet not to the detriment of rough illustrations. Nvidia’s G-Sync innovation endeavors to provide clients with the smartest possible scenario, by matching up the PC’s showcase rate with the illustrations card. As such, the tech is setting an edge cap that matches as far as possible, which considers moment delivering in both full-screen and windowed modes, hence killing any tears, and leaving smooth pictures and blissful gamers.


Ordinarily, you can depend on Dynaudio speakers to convey clearly, clear sound with some deafening bass, particularly when they’re matched with Nahimic’s sound programming. Notwithstanding, this time, the blast was firmly missing when I paid attention to G.O.O.D. Music’s “Mercy.1”. The regularly strong lows were scarcely a murmur. At the point when I changed to Frank Ocean’s “Very Rich Kids,” I got completely clear piano harmonies that blended with the craftsman’s offended vocal.

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At the point when I played The Witcher 3, the sound was clear enough so that me might hear the tormented last howls from a bunch of wolves I dispatched with a breaking wave of fire. Nonetheless, the sound actually missed the mark on volume I’ve become used to on MSI frameworks.

The Nahimic 2 programming offers a few presets to streamline your listening experience. For gaming, you play Part Play, Shooter, Strategy and Racing. Sight and sound settings incorporate Music and Comms. The application additionally offers a few cool highlights that will assist you with getting the leap on your gaming enemies. For instance, the SoundTracker include brings up your foes’ areas in view of sound. There’s likewise Audio Launchpad, which allows streams to plan audio cues to hotkeys, allowing you rapidly to emphasize a sweet move.

Console and Touchpad

On the off chance that I can’t have the GT80’s mechanical console, this is the following best thing. My fingers appeared to move along the illuminated, island-style console, thanks by and large to the 1.9 millimeters of movement (1.5 mm is normal) and activation (66 grams of power expected to press the keys). I effectively hit 66 words each moment on the composing test, which is higher than my typical 60 wpm.

MSI GT62 Dominator Pro console

Whether I was utilizing three-finger press to send off Google Chrome or looking down the length of a site, the 4.2 x 2.3-inch Synaptics touchpad conveyed speedy, exact development. The two discrete mouse buttons were quite clicky, with firm criticism.

SteelSeries’ Engine programming keeps on lighting the way to advancement for MSI. You actually can dole out one of the three zones of the console with one out of 16.8 million tones and four impacts, for a cool custom creation. Yet, SteelSeries has made things one stride further and disclosed the GameSense highlight, which maps the console zones to a particular game. For example, the CounterStrike Go profile has the left half of the console comparing to your wellbeing, while the center and right side guide are connected to your Armor and Bullet stock. Each part of the board will streak when a huge change in status happens.

Gaming, Graphics and VR

Welcome to the exciting modern lifestyle of Nvidia Pascal, where each gaming journal that has Nvidia discrete designs is augmented reality prepared. So lash out those HTC Vives and Oculus Rifts, since being a thrilling ride is going. At the point when I ran the SteamVR Show test on the Dominator Pro’s. PC conveyed a powerful 10.1, which places it at the Very High quadrent of the test.

I attached the Rift to the Dominator Pro and got comfortable with Eve: Valkyrie. Regardless of the fast turns and abrupt changes in direction, the PC kept up, which kept the reproduction affliction under control. Notwithstanding the old Lovecraftian repulsions following me in Edge of Nowhere, I would have been glad to investigate the glimmering white ice sheets and the sparkling blue cleft. Yet, unfortunately, the unpropitious shadow of Lord Cthulhu was on my tail, and I needed to make a rushed retreat.

The Dominator Pro conveyed a few noteworthy numbers on conventional games. I wrenched The Witcher 3 settings to Ultra with every one of the settings turned to Very High. I even turned on Nvidia’s HairWorks. The outcome looked like the absolute most vicious Pantene business of all time. Geralt’s long, white hair flowed across his shoulders as he chopped a going after Drowner’s arm off, uncovering different shades of pink and red underneath its dull blue stow away at 82 casings each second.

GT62 Dominator

The scene turned out to be much prettier when I empowered G-Sync. At a certain point, I swore I saw the twilight bouncing off the nominal fighter’s mane as he rode through the woods to my next objective. I did, notwithstanding, need to forfeit a couple of edges, as the normal was covered at 60 fps.

The PC hit 187 fps on High at 1080p on the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege benchmark, which basically wrecked the 59-fps standard normal. Outfitted with Nvidia’s last-gen Maxwell GPUs (GeForce GTX 970), the Alienware 15, Strix and Equinox were left in the graphical residue at 71, 69 and 61 fps, separately. Indeed, even PCs furnished with a work area 980 chip were no equal, as the Origin Eon17-SLX and MSI GT72 Dominator Pro Dragon Version just oversaw 115 fps and 104 fps, separately.

The slaughter progressed forward with the Metro: Last Light test. Mightier workstations have staggered on Metro’s asset biting programming, yet the Dominator Pro was resolute, conveying an astounding 65 fps on High at 1080p. The PC handily lapped the 24-fps class normal as well as the Alienware 15 (29 fps), Equinox (24 fps) and Strix (23 fps). The Eon17-SLX and Dragon Edition sent 57 fps and 49 fps, individually.


The GT62 Dominator Pro isn’t a slump in the general execution division. The PC’s 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor with 32GB of RAM played out a full framework filter with 18 open tabs in Google Chrome, one of which was in the middle of streaming Stranger Things on Netflix, with no recognizable dormancy.

The hits continued to come as we tried the Dominator Pro on our manufactured benchmarks. The PC accomplished 13,556 on the Geekbench 3 test, overcoming the 7,856 standard normal. Nonetheless, furnished with their own Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPUs, the Equinox, Alienware 15 and Strix were somewhat close behind at 13,525, 13,494 and 13,348, separately.

Because of its 256GB m.2 PCIe SSD (and 1TB, 7,200-rpm hard drive), the Dominator Pro has some “flicker and you’ll miss it” speed. The speed evil spirit moved 4.97GB of media records in 8 seconds, which means an exchange speed of 628.6 megabytes each second. Completely obliterating the 137.9-MBps normal. The equal and its 256GB m.2 PCIe SSD was the nearest contender, at 424.1 MBps, and the 15’s 256GB PCIe SSD followed with 201.1 Mbs. The Strix (128GB SSD) limped along, at 135.9 MBps.

During the OpenOffice test, the Dominator Pro paired 20,000 names and addresses in a short time and 47 seconds, which is quicker than the 4:44 normal as well as the Alienware 15 (3:50). Nonetheless, the Equinox and the Strix posted quicker seasons of 3:37 and 3:39, separately.

Battery Duration

In any case, for all that great power, the GT62 has a glaring shortcoming: its battery duration.

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The framework endured just 3 hours and 18 minutes on our battery test (constant web riding over Wi-Fi). That is well underneath the 6:34 normal yet at the same time better compared to the Equinox’s 3:09. The Strix endured 5:56, while the Alienware 15 almost endured a full working day, at 7:13.


To keep things cool and moderately calm, MSI has retooled its cooling framework, adding more intensity lines to disperse hot air better compared to the standard two-pipe framework. After we transferred a full-screen Hulu video for 15 minutes, the touchpad estimated 94 degrees Fahrenheit. That is simply underneath our 95-degree solace edge. The galaxy between the G and H key was fundamentally cooler, at 89 degrees, while the lower part of the framework hit 97 degrees.

When I began playing The Witcher 3, I wrenched the fans up to the exhibition setting. It’s a piece clearly in a quiet office, however when the music and game impacts started playing. I could scarcely hear them. Following 15 minutes of hacking, cutting and projecting spells on my way through White Wood, the touchpad was a cool 88 degree, while the focal point of the PC hit 92 degrees. The note pad’s underside estimated 104 degrees, however with the fans striving to keep everything cool, I could securely involve it in my lap.


I find it hard to accept that the coordinated webcam is 1920 x 1080 thinking about the general fluffiness of my test shots. While I could make out a couple of the orange and blue stripes on the right shoulder of my dress, the remainder of the image was overflowing with graininess. Assuming that you’re into streaming your play-throughs, the camera can make it happen at 30 fps.

Programming and Warranty

Rather than making you scan all around the hard drive for your applications. MSI has retooled the Dragon Center application into a center point that contains. A portion of the basic programming broken out into a few tabs. The App entryway houses easy routes for SteelSeries Engine, Nvidia GeForce Experience, MSI True Color and Killer Network Manager.

The System Monitor tab permits you to really take a look at your framework’s status, while the LED. Wizard assists you with making custom pointer lighting. Framework Tuner permits you to make profiles controlling VR streamlining, show variety temperature and the sky is the limit from there. At long last, there’s Tools and Help, where you’ll track down programming for Burn Recovery and Battery Calibration.


The $1,999 model of the MSI GT62 Dominator Pro I surveyed is stacked. It includes a 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU with 32GB of RAM; a 256GB m.2 PCIe SSD with a 1TB, 7,200-rpm hard drive; a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU with 8GB of VRAM; and a 1920 x 1080p G-Sync show.

The $1,599 base model has a similar processor yet offers just 16GB of RAM; a 128GB m.2 PCIe SSD with a 1TB, 7,200-rpm hard drive; and a MSI GT62 Dominator GeForce GTX 1060 GPU with 6GB of VRAM.

Primary concern

The time of Pascal has shown up, and assuming the. MSI GT62 Dominator is any sign, games are in for a marvelous ride. For $1,999, you get a 15-inch framework that can convey noteworthy. Rich smooth edge rates on both customary and VR titles. As though that weren’t sufficient, you likewise get face-dissolving move speeds and a workhorse of a processor. MSI likewise got some down time to reconfigure its product, making it more straight forward to make custom settings for ideal. Execution while gaming or accomplishing genuine work.

MSI GT62 Dominator Pro

On the off casual that you’re trying to save a couple of bucks. I’d suggest the Digital Storm Equinox, which is a force to be reckoned with by its own doing. Nonetheless, you’d miss out on the VR-prepared goodness. In the event that you wouldn’t fret lodging a behemoth. You can design a computer generated simulation cordial Origin PC Eon17-SLX for around $2,771.

However, in the event that you’re searching for a. VR-prepared arrangement that is genuinely portable, the MSI GT62 Dominator Pro is a phenomenal decision.

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Generally and thinking about everything from the exhibition, plan and worth parts of the audit. I accept the MSI GT62 Dominator merits our gold honor. Indeed, it might be said that 60fps wasn’t accomplished at the most extreme settings in the games we tried. However this journal is definitely something other than about gaming. It has the exhibition that content makers in a hurry need with the Intel i7-7820HK processor and 4K UHD screen