Introduction Big Announcement: You Can Now Earn Money By Selling Your Premium Videos On The Platform (Natural News)., another free expression on YouTube, has launched a great new feature that allows you to sell your videos the best of it. platform. You get 70% of net sales and keeps 30%.

This new feature was create so users can sell premium video content on the site:

  • Documentary and film shows
  • Premium DIY or how-to content
  • Video of the seminar or conference
  • A financial podcast or investment advice video

This feature enables video content creators to exercise their rights using a free platform that respects freedom of expression.

Upload premium videos now and start earning

You’ll find this new feature by clicking the “For Sale” icon on your Brighteon dashboard (after logging in) and uploading a new video there. Once uploaded, you can set a purchase price for this quality film.

In the VIDEO EDIT shade, you can also rise the URL of the trailer video that will be the preview video for the video you are selling. Users who are curious about what you have to offer for sale will be able to watch your video trailer and click “buy” to purchase the premium video.

Once you’ve done that, people can start buying your videos right away, and you’ll see the earnings under the “Business” button on your console. You, as the content creator, tin set or conversion the price of your video at any period.

We pay you via PayPal, once a month, for every month you earn more than $100.

To increase your income, promote premium videos to your fans or followers on other channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or your own website and email list.

Other innovations are coming to Brighteon soon, including a new and convenient search function, research reports for users, a new medical video portal that focuses on the topic of vaccination, participation and the new Webseed search engine. com and many others.

Listen to my 12/12 podcast to learn more about new features (and what’s to come):

What types of videos will be sold on Here are some examples:

Are people willing to pay for informative videos? Absolutely. Some types of content that can work well as premium videos include:

  • How to quit smoking videoA financial and financial podcast or video that advises people on investing
  • videos death death
  • Delicious recipes or video tutorials
  • A seminar or high-level conference
  • Documentary or film shows… And also. The sky is the limit. You upload it, set the price and we take care of the rest.

Brighteon handles e-commerce, customer support, refund requests (if applicable), and payments. Remember, you get 70% and we get 30%, so you get more money.

Do you want to know how to create a large number of users in Brighteon? An occult professor has discovered the secret

Therefore, getting more views and subscribers with Brighteon is easy. An anonymous user with “666” in their username has been identified. Read the full story of how he did it in this article.

Long story short, he posted some popular videos on Brighteon, then announced his Brighteon channel to all his YouTube followers, asking them to support his idea on so he could upload more videos. then “dominates” the platform. (Which he did well.)

Yes, this worker preaches about witchcraft and other witchcraft topics, which, by the way, is beside the point. His method is available to everyone, including Christian channels and everyone else.

As YouTube says, there is now a large exodus from the technology, many of the users join because they know that freedom of speech will be protected there. the body.

Join today and start sharing your own videos. You can also sell tapes that offer best content.

Now, you can build an whole business around, and you won’t be limited for speaking the truth, even for techies who fall into research madness.

If YouTube decides to censor any of the New American video content on the platform, there will be room for an exit from Brighteon, which strongly supports the First Change.

Unlike YouTube, does not remove content that threatens the foundation. In fact, Brighteon accepts and promotes such content because it often exposes the wrongdoers who try to keep the truth.


Many people now see the writing on the wall when it comes to Big Tech’s research agenda, which is why they’re moving to platforms like Brighteon that respect freedom of speech – even the kind that makes you feel bad. not reach some people.

Take a moment to browse through the New American Brighteon page.

It seems like New American posts 2-3 new videos on average every day, so there’s plenty to choose from and something for everyone.

If you’re afraid about the future of our country and want a fresh perspective on what’s going on without the usual left-wing bias, Brighteon’s New American content will pique your interest.

New Americans support your right to bear arms, your right to free and fair elections, your right not to be forced into genetically modified chemicals by Big Pharma, and your right speak your mind. If these things are central to you, check out what New American has to offer.

And also, if you are a Christian, New American has content for you too. A video available just last week discusses the biblical basis for resisting. China’s virus tyranny, whether that be in the form of mask mandates, vaccination drives, or other forms of medical fascism.

Referring to a historical document called the “Warrenton Declaration,” the video, feature Pastor Jason Garwood of Cross and Crown Church in Virginia, explains how believers not required to obey subject to government regulations that are against their secular beliefs.

“In this interview, Garwood explains what the Bible says about these issues and what the proper response of Christians should be in the unprecedented times the world finds itself in now,” he said. New American explains. “These words don’t go away, he warned.”

The latest news about Big Tech control and many private media can be found on platforms like and Censorship.

Conclusion is an Internet hosting service that allows users to post content, including videos, comments, reviews and more. It was start by natural history founder Mike Adams. The developer’s links to conspiracy theories have led to links to the site being banned by FaceBook.