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Apple Tv vs Roku –Streaming Apps, Remote and Voice Control and More

Apple Tv vs Roku


Apple TV and Roku (and, very recently, Chromecast) are the most popular streaming media players designed for streaming photo, audio, and video content — both from the Internet and from locally stored content on computers, phones, and tablets — to HDTVs.

The Roku offers more online content options, but does not have Bluetooth or an optical audio (except Roku Ultra) output like Apple TV does. Apple TV seamlessly integrates and interacts with all existing Apple devices, which is useful for Apple fans. But to anyone not deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, Roku makes for a good option with its vast array of channels and third-party content options.

Streaming Apps

Remote and Voice Control

Audio and Video Quality

Which Media Streamer Should You Buy?

Models and Prices


Based on what you can see, Apple TV and Roku are more or less comparable in almost every aspect. The high-end models offer the same streaming quality and wireless performance, and there isn’t much difference in the simplicity of the layout. The Apple TV option costs nearly twice as much as the Roku, making price the biggest difference.

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