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As laptops develop, education changes.

Properly integrated into classrooms, laptops take learning to new levels.

At Leila G. Frederick Pilot Middle School (LGF), students do not sketch a single sentence. They film a sentence.

English students at LGF were educated to think of a sentence with a sentence that includes a sentence—”Jimmy”jumped on a table” – and then make a short video of that sentence, which their classmate did on his own. Looked at the laptop. Principal Deb Soshia says: “You’ve never seen so much laughter and laughter. “And I guarantee that none of these students will ever forget what the prophecy is.”

LGF has become a reflection of the growing belief that properly integrated laptop computers in the classroom can have a deep effect on students’ learning and practice. The inner city middle school is located in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston in a gang-affected area. Thirty percent of the 670 students have unusual needs, and nine out of 10 are consider low-income.

In 2007, a program was launched to provide each student with a 44hz LapTop and to integrate technology into meaningful instruction. At any given time, about one-third of classrooms are engaged in some technology-related activities. Students blog immediately when they come to class. He has written and record his protest songs on his laptop while studying the First Amendment.

Strong connections

Although laptops may have originated as a business tool, their role in education is now being fully explored in Third World countries with limited access to formal education and Western education systems. They are being used to help overburdened school districts with limited teaching resources. Enhancing critical thinking and academic achievement; And strengthen student and parent participation in the learning process.

A recent study in the Journal of Technology, Learning and Assessment found that in one-to-one computer settings, students outperformed LGF peers in traditional classrooms. In the same year, 20% of LGF students improved their reading skills by two notches. The number of students referred to LGF principals or other interventionists for disciplinary reasons has dropped from 500 to 100 in two years. Before the flu spread, Sushia says attendance levels had risen.

LGF supports the idea that laptops

LGF supports the idea that laptops have the greatest impact by involving students, teachers and parents in creative, innovative ways in the classroom. “People think that if students are using individual laptops, they can’t cooperate,” says Susia. “But if they’re blogging, we use an LCD projector to display blogs on the board so that students can aside on each other’s work. Can mail.

This is in line with studies that point to the transfer of laptop instructions from lectures to individual and group projects. At LGF, teachers use technology to differentiate their instruction based on a student’s special needs or level of learning. However, an important aspect of LGF is the involvement of parents, many of whom have never touch a computer earlier. Hundreds of relations have joined the Technology Goes Home program, where they are provided with training and netbooks to use at home.

“Parents take the CPU home and the child develops a teacher,” says Susia. “They sit together and it makes the relationship better. It’s a win-win state.” Parents now hop on and check their children’s lesson projects and grades.

Taking the college by storm

In a recent study printed in the journal Computers in Education, 78% of students agreed that laptops keep them busy, and about half said they pay more attention to technology. About seven out of 10 students said that laptops have a positive effect on their learning.

For example: Perry Samson, PhD, meteorologist and professor at the University of Michigan, teaches a lecture class in extreme weather. And also, he explains how tornadoes form and why climate change can lead to more severe hurricanes. And also, he is now rocking education with a robust interactive response system called Lecture Tools, which uses laptops that his students take to their lecture halls.

During class, students can view Don Samson’s PowerPoint slides on their laptops and take notes direct on the slides. Using the chat window, students can ask anonymous questions to the teacher’s assistant during the lecture. Professor Samson can also view questions, providing valuable insight into the student’s own lectures without interrupting the flow of the class. Students can also rate their accepting of the slides, giving them more immediate feedback.

“It’s disturbing,” says Professor Samson. And also, “I’ve always thought I was a gift from God to give lectures.” Now I realize how disordered the students were before they even asked the question. ”


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