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4 Ways for Law Firm Marketing Strategy

law firm marketing strategy

Law Firm Marketing Strategy

The newest law firm marketing strategy and techniques that you can incorporate into your 2021 marketing plan.

It comprises a collection of law firm marketing ideas that you can leverage to attract a steady stream of clients to your firm quickly.

1. Start by creating a brand.

2. Demonstrate credibility & authority

A sound law firm marketing strategy should include passive and active marketing activities.

An excellent example of passive marketing is your website copy that helps build credibility and authority in your company.

Here are some excellent examples of what to make sure to include in your online marketing in 2021:

Awards you have received:

Customer reviews:

Case studies to demonstrate expertise:

3. Demonstrate competence in all your practice areas

Another critical area of branding is communicating the full scope of what it does and its ability to deliver.

Of course, reviews and case studies will help you do that, but you should also focus on the following items.

The breadth of the service it provides:

4. Run an SEO campaign to advance visibility in Google’s search results

In the beginning, every law firm should pay attention to SEO at all times, not just in 2021. Here’s why:

Bottom line: you need to appear on search engine results pages to get clicks and traffic.

Revenue, a look at one of our legal client event studies to illustrate just how powerful SEO can be. Under is a screenshot of this law firm’s organic website visits (visits made via search engines).

Related to the first year, SEO helped Oykhman Criminal Defense increase organic visits by:

Certain aspects of law firm SEO include good keyword research with professionally written titles and descriptions. In addition, image optimization, maintaining a logical website architecture and using a fast and secure hosting platform like WPengine are best practices for SEO at all times.

Other key SEO aspects to pay special care to in 2021 include:

Additionally, many law firms target clients in the local area. Requires good local SEO with fully optimized Google My Business accounts.

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