Most people sign their kids up for Brighterly or pay for tutoring services because the traditional teaching method sometimes does not suffice. Often, kids are not getting enough from their teachers, especially in a class where there are about 20 students.

When it comes to finding the best tutoring service for your kids, you have different choices. However, you must be strict about the options because you want the best for your child. There are two kinds of tutoring services you can opt for, and they have their benefits and disadvantages. You can get either a home tutoring service or an online tutoring service.

Here are the four best tutoring services that you can get for your kids:


Brighterly is an online tutoring platform that teaches your kid math in ways they never thought they could learn. The tutors use fun videos and games as a teaching method, which helps kids stay focused and engaged the entire time. They have different packages which cost differently, and you can pick the one which matches your needs. The timing is flexible, and you can adjust it to suit your schedule; besides, you want to sit in on any of the classes per adventure. Brighterly math tutors are professionals who love math and love to teach children, and they will always give your child optimum service. Brighterly’s math for kids includes:

  • Going through the curriculum.
  • Helping your child with homework.
  • Finding your child’s weaknesses.
  • Teaching them math in a fun way so that they enjoy the process while understanding the concept.

Brighterly is one of the best math help websites on the internet because it uses the “fun math for kids” approach to teaching.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online non-profit organization that teaches math and other subjects to kids across all ages and grades. Your child can access many resources and test materials on Khan Academy’s website to learn math away from school.

One of the best things about Khan Academy is that you do not have to schedule anything; your kid can log into the website whenever they are ready to learn and watch the math videos available. The videos break down math concepts to the minimum, and it feels like having one-on-one tutoring. The only difference is that your child cannot ask questions. Your kid can join a class or add a teacher to their learning sessions at Khan Academy.


Mathnasium is a hybrid tutoring platform that offers children the option of attention tutoring either online or in person 2 to 3 times a week for a varying price. Although pricey, this franchise has quickly become one of the best tutoring services, offering fantastic math programs for kids. They have locations all over the USA and even internationally, and they are a favorite for many parents because of the availability of tutors.

Mathnasium specializes in helping children with their homework while teaching them the math concepts that are required to complete homework set by the school teachers. So, they will not create a unique curriculum for your child, work with the one from the school, or even set homework. All they do is help your child with their homework while giving them a better understanding of the concept a child is trying to learn.


With over 100 qualified tutors available on request, TutorMe is one of the best math help websites to sign your kid on. They offer a 24/7 service, so there is never a time when you will need a tutor and you would not find them. The platform has different payment methods, but the best so far is the $1 per minute for those who do not want tutoring as a permanent fixture. They also have an archived lessons feature, so kids can easily refer to these lessons if needed.

Home Tutoring Service vs. Online Tutoring Service

Seeing the two kinds of home tutoring services, you may be wondering which one you should go for, and the answer is online tutoring. With home tutoring service, you can always check out the teacher you are getting for your child and get to know them in person to seek hidden nuances in their body language. However, it does not mean that you cannot do almost the same for online tutoring services.

Online tutoring services offer a more flexible schedule which you can constantly adjust to work with yours whenever necessary, especially with math for kids at Brighterly. With home tutoring, you have to interview a tutor at a time and go through many processes before deciding on the one that is good for you. With online tutoring services, you have to put in what you need, and the platform will offer you a tutor according to your specifics. In addition, you can speedily change a tutor if both you and your child are not getting what you want.

Another thing to consider is pricing. Tutors are pricey offline because they consider their time, logistics, and other factors when giving a quote, which may sometimes exceed your budget. On math websites for kids, the platforms offer different packages, and you pick the one that suits you and then get a tutor. You may not be able to ascertain the qualifications of the tutors you meet in real life, but you can bet that the online tutors will be very qualified.


Finding a tutor for your child while they are learning math basics prepares them for a future where they win. The traditional educational system is unreliable because of so many factors that even educators have no control over. Being a parent, you need to take control of your child’s education and make important choices like getting suitable tutors. The four tutoring services mentioned above are not the only ones available, but they are some of the best out there, and you can be sure to get good value for your money when you use them.