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PCNOK (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma) is a huge game changer. In the health system that supports patients in 77 counties in Oklahoma. This organization is situated in the United States and is an association of nineteen Oklahoma Community Health Centers.

With the vision of working better in a team. PCNOK was found in 2014, and for the past eight years, it has successfully established itself as one of the largest networks of primary care providers in Oklahoma state.

Their care approach encompasses all life cycles, from prenatal to senior care. Today, we will discuss this care network and go in-depth about the goals, services, and technologies they provide. There is a lot to cover, so let us get started.

What Exactly Is PCNOK?

As we have already mentioned, PCNOK represents the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. And is an organization founded eight years ago with the mission of providing high quality medical care to all patients.

This organization constantly works to bring healthcare transformation with innovative solutions, approaches, and top-quality care. They also aim to work, achieve, and take forward three goals of health care reforms, including better care, healthier people, and smarter spending.

To put it in different words, PCNOK believes healthcare should be easily accessible for minimal cost. Due to this reason, they promote common contracting interests, for example, buying in the bunch for the benefit of the organization.

How Does It Work?

PCNOK provides a technology solution that has been implemented in the medical science field and allows all patients to take advantage of it. This is a feature that allows close monitoring of the patient’s health status at a distance from the hospital.

It is a technological innovation that allows healthcare professionals who treat patients that are de-hospitalized or suffer from painful chronic illnesses. With the help of this technology, doctors are provided with the solution for their patients that follow long-term therapy that has to be monitored at certain intervals.

Benefits of PCNOK

As you might have gathered by now, this type of technology comes with a wide variety of benefits, not only for patients but for medical healthcare providers as well. Here are some advantages that come with PCNOK.

Benefits to patients

This technology constantly monitors the health status of the patient. It helps the patient stay safe and strong during the treatment or recovery period. The technology benefits patients who self-manage their health conditions, saving lives in critical situations.

Benefits for family members

The patient’s family members and loved ones can rest assured that the patient will be under constant supervision. This gives the family some peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are being looked after and their health conditions are being closely monitored at all times.

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

PCNOK technology offers many benefits to healthcare professionals as it notifies the patient if something is wrong and acts accordingly in a timely manner.

Benefits for SSN

PCNOK technology also reduces emergency room situations with its smart detecting, which helps prevent any serious situation. It provides effective access to patients at home when needed with remote assistance. Moreover, it supports connecting healthcare professionals with patients and their families.

PCNOK Impact

PCNOK has served patients across 77 counties in Oklahoma state since 2014. It works to make the best healthcare services available and affordable to all. One of the most important effects to remember is that all employees work hard and aid patients in a more superior way than any other similar organization.

PCNOK is an alignment of Oklahoma Community Health Centers and Public Behavioral Health Organizations. Members contain 19 of the 22 health centers helping Oklahoma, one certified community behavioral health center and one comprehensive community addiction recovery center.

Working as a clinically integrated network, PCNOK works to advance the triple aim of healthcare reform towards better care, healthier people and smarter spending. The organization also supports mutual contractual interests such as group purchasing for membership.

Broad scope of stoppage and primary care

PCNOK members work 125 urban and rural health care distribution sites. Most of which patient-centered medical homes, offering medical, dental, vision, mental health, and specialty care, as well as outside referral for diagnostic testing, pharmacy, and nutrition. Special care if needed.

Additional Information About PCNOK

However, PCNOK is an organization that is constantly working to improve services across the state.

1. It is easily accessible to all

All members of Oklahoma’s Patient Care Network can access the service with self-pay, Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. In addition, discounts are also provide to cash pay patients below 200% of poverty, but conditions applied base on eligibility and proof of the individual’s income.

2.Innovation and Remedies

PCNOK members work together to advance innovations in care delivery, including the integration of mental health, telehealth, care teams and health coaches into the scope of primary care.


PCNOK organization helps and helps all the people across the seventy seven counties of the state and people from different regions.


Community collaborations, integration concepts, and incorporating the social determinants of health to help people find better health and wellness have statewide impact. All goals of PCNOK from a leadership perspective.


PCNOK gives everyone an opportunity to access its system for various healthcare needs, and even better. It is an affordable solution that will bring some peace of mind to patients, their families and loved ones.

As we mentioned, they cover seventy-seven counties in the state of Oklahoma. So, you can definitely find an institution near you and apply for this program that has revolutionized. The way people think about healthcare.

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